Af/Pak & Other News (7/5/2021)

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Jul 5, 2021, 6:36:15 PM7/5/21
Afghanistan at risk of collapse as Taliban storms the north

US left Afghan airfield at night, didn’t tell new commander

Vacated by Americans, Kabul's Bagram Air Base bustles again as Afghans move in

Washington approves establishment of ‘US Forces Afghanistan Forward' command

Taliban Find New Revenues as They Seize Afghanistan’s U.S.-Built Border Gateway

Afghan forces plan counterattack against Taliban in north: Report

American Troops Are Pulling Out Of Afghanistan, Leaving Pokémon Behind

Taliban Threatens Consequences For U.S. Troops Remaining In Afghanistan After 9/11 Deadline Amid Surge In Violence

Taliban aim to present written peace plan at talks as soon as next month -spokesman

More than 1,000 Afghan soldiers flee into Tajikistan as Taliban extends control, Tajik officials say

Tajikistan calls up reservists to bolster border as Afghan troops, fleeing Taliban, seek refuge

Afghanistan Neighbors Raise Alarm With Russia Over Taliban Advance

Rise of Taliban 2.0 will turn India into frontline state against terror

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A Tale of 2 Navies: Reviewing India and China’s Aircraft Carrier Procurement

New details emerge of drone attack on Indian Air Force Base

IAF now wants to acquire 10 counter-drone systems after Jammu attack

Iran displays autonomous underwater vehicle

Rockets hit Iraqi base housing US forces, no casualties

Drone shot down near U.S. embassy in Baghdad, no casualties -security sources

20 years after 9/11, lawsuit against Saudis hits key moment

Gov’t forces reclaim swaths of territory in central Yemen

Construction of Ada-Class Corvette for Ukraine Begins in Turkey

US military denies American troops in Syria were attacked

RMAF C-130 landed in Israel

Captured Ethiopian government soldiers reach Tigray capital – in pictures

Some 150 students missing after gunmen raid Nigerian school – parent, administrator

Fracturing states in Africa are redrawing colonial maps

U.S. aircraft and warships support Ukrainian Navy Day

Russian Navy Oscar-II Class Cruise Missile Submarine Seen Entering Baltic

Russian firm Almaz-Antey unveils Palma air defense system

SolarWinds: How Russian spies hacked the Justice, State, Treasury, Energy and Commerce Departments

UK: More details released on role of the ‘National Flagship’

Brazilian Navy Fires Exocet AM39 Missile From H225M Helicopter

Report: Venezuela security forces continue killings, torture

Report to Congress on Chinese Naval Modernization

China: Soldiers And Smartphones

South Korea's Mysterious Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Tested From Underwater Platform: Report

S Korean Pontoon SLBM Test: Only Nuclear Armed Makes Sense

Philippine military plane crash highlights country’s ageing, stretched equipment

Philippines orders probe after worst military accident in 3 decades

Australia: Submarine seeks less troubled waters

The Mystery of the Hypersonic Tic Tac; A national security reporter on the U.S. government’s perplexing UFO report.

Killer Flying Robots Are Here. What Do We Do Now?

Biden administration still weighing CIA drone strike policy amid Afghanistan withdrawal

Investigators to search ocean off Hawaii for cargo plane

US Army Conducts Airdrop Tests of New Infantry Squad Vehicle

Marines Say Unit Costs for CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopter Dropping

The “ADCOM F-14:” the Tomcat that USAF never bought

The Air Force wants to make its first new pistol in 35 years even smaller than it already is

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