Af/Pak & Other News (11/20/2020)

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Nov 20, 2020, 12:49:16 PM11/20/20
Boeing Insitu to supply 15 ScanEagle UAVs to Afghan army

France turns the screws on Imran Khan, declines upgrade for Mirage, subs and more

Malabar exercise: Indian Navy's MiG-29Ks, US Navy's F-18s carry out simulated attacks

Nimitz Strike Group concludes four-nation Malabar sea exercises

Iran Unveils Its New Sea Base Warship That Looks Like A Floating Arms Bazaar

US general says IS in Iraq and Syria still long-term threat

China Looks To Buy Stake In A Major Iraqi Oilfield

Turkey issues detention warrants for 101 people on alleged terrorism links

Turkish Firm to Develop AI to Link Up to 50 Drones in Swarm

Islamic State Kills Brig. Gen. Bashir Ismail in Eastern Syria

Israel launches airstrikes against Quds Force and Syrian military positions

Libya Rivals Yet to Start Withdrawing Forces: UN Envoy

Turning the Tide: How Turkey Won the War for Tripoli

Official: Ethiopia’s latest airstrike hits Tigray university

Ethiopian government says troops take two towns from Tigray fighters

Russia jails man for 13 years for trying to pass military secrets to CIA

Analysis 1/3: Russia focuses on the development of nuclear submarines

Russian Shrinking Ambitions

Russian Army Receives 18000 'Ratnik' Combat Outfits

New in Russia: Khabarovsk Class Submarine

Azerbaijani Troops Take Control Of Agdam As Armenians Flee

In first review, EU comes clean on military failings

Social media disinformation disrupts EU missions worldwide

Europe launches future medium-lift helicopter project

Hungary to procure Kongsberg-Raytheon NASAMS air defence system

Parliament of Germany approves budget to acquire 31 Sea Tiger naval helicopters for their frigates

Interesting Photos Of Spanish EF-18 Hornet With Inert Upgraded Taurus 350 Stand-off Air-Launched Cruise Missile

The F-5 Freedom Fighter Reaches 50 Years Of Service In The Spanish Air Force

French Navy to Procure Falcon 2000 Albatros Maritime Surveillance Aircraft Under AVSIMAR Program

The Royal Navy Could Get A Mysterious ‘Type 32’ Frigate—What Is It?

UK to become ‘foremost naval power in Europe’ says PM

Everything We Know About The United Kingdom's Big New Defense Spending Plan

New RAF space command to launch rockets from Scotland

Spotlight on Ladakh, China secretly made moves in central, Sikkim and eastern sectors

PLAGF's Tibet Military District orders new VTOL UAVs, says report

China Has Launched the World's First 6G Satellite. We Don't Even Know What 6G Is Yet.

China’s next border friction may be with Afghanistan, the ‘graveyard of empires’

AVIC Harbin Z-20 to become most delivered Chinese military helicopter

China's Black Hawk Competitor, Z-20 helicopter, to have Multiple Variants

Images show PLAGF Mi-171 helo equipped with possible ECM pods

Taiwan to start work on building the first of eight new domestically-developed submarines

US and Japanese Navies began Mine Warfare Exercise 3JA 2020 off the coast of southwestern Japan

South Korea Competes

Hanwha displays models of laser-based weapon systems

Australia building new underwater tracking range for ASW edge

New Zealand: Rocket Lab launches satellites, recovers booster in 'Return to Sender' mission

US 109th Airlift Wing deploys LC-130 Super Hercules to New Zealand for emergency missions to Antarctica

Y'all Qaeda: Ex-Marines allegedly planned takeover of Michigan capitol and public executions of officials

Let Your Robots Off The Leash – Or Lose: AI Experts

U.S. Destroyer, Cutter Suffer COVID-19 Outbreaks in Pacific

New Report On U.S. Military Aircraft Reliability Is Downright Miserable

The Army is hunting for a new all-electric light recon vehicle

Air Force releases list of 6 potential locations for U.S. Space Command

The Air Force is picking up a handful of feisty new submachine guns

US Air Force orders counter-UAS radar for integration with its THOR drone killer

US Navy secretary's surprise plan for a new fleet in Asia doesn't hold water, experts say

Navy Maritime Patrol Planes Flying From Cold War Base In Bermuda For First Time In Decades

DARPA Thinks Linking USVs Together Like Train Cars Can Increase Their Range At Sea.

Why the U.S. Navy Is Going All in on Drone Ships

US Navy submarines have big plans to turn small drones into 'a flying periscope' to hit long-range targets

Navy Officials Reveal Details of New $100M Light Amphibious Warship Concept

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