Af/Pak & Other News (12/18/2021)

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Dec 19, 2021, 2:45:52 AM12/19/21
Russian military planes evacuate 200 people from Afghanistan

Afghan Air Force pilots trapped in Afghanistan plead for evacuation

Taliban recruits flood into Afghanistan from neighboring Pakistan as the group works to consolidate control

Report: Taliban Fires Provincial Officials as it Consolidates Control

India tests N-capable Agni-Prime missile

Iran nuclear talks go back to the future

Two Rockets Fired at Baghdad’s Green Zone: Army

From Turkey With Love: Tracking Turkish Military Donations

Alleged Israeli Airstrike Cratered The Runway At Syria's Damascus International Airport

Pentagon documents reveal 'deeply flawed' US air war: report

IS Plot in Morocco Foiled With US Help: Officials

Over Ethiopia’s objections, UN rights body backs war monitor

Wagner Group: Why the EU is alarmed by Russian mercenaries in Central Africa

Ukraine Once Had The World’s Largest Tu-160 Blackjack Bomber Fleet

Why Ukraine’s Fight Against Corruption Scares Russia

Ukraine facing 'tonnes' of pro-Russian disinformation ahead of possible invasion, says government minister in Kiev

Biden Administration Considers Sending Ukraine Military Equipment Once Bound for Afghanistan

Pro-Russian forces 'let troops get captured in Ukraine so they can pinpoint enemy positions'

Russia envoy: Moscow may up the ante if West ignores demands

U.S. Senator: Russia Trying To Create 'Pretext For War' By Making Impossible-To-Accept Demands From U.S., NATO

This Russian Remote-Controlled Rock Is Here To Learn Your Military Secrets

Kremlin Crony Threatens to Unleash Axe Killers on U.S. Congressman

Russia sends nuclear-capable bombers on patrol over Belarus

Hungary to buy IRIS-T missiles as part of its Gripen MS20 Block II upgrade program

D-Fend tech zaps rogue drone invading the Pope’s airspace

Flying & Fighting in the Nimrod: Interview with RAF Nimrod pilot

Killer Robots Aren't Science Fiction. A Push to Ban Them is Growing.

Brazilian Air Force receives new batch of Meteor missiles

Defence scrambles to train nuclear scientists for 'exciting roles' on AUKUS program

Australia approves the purchase of 75 US M1A2 SEP V3 Main Battle Tanks

Guam, America’s Forgotten Territory, Is New Front Line Against China

A UFO video investigator explains the footage released by the Pentagon, along with other mysterious sightings

Harassment Of Navy Destroyers By Mysterious Drone Swarms Off California Went On For Weeks

OFFSET Swarms Take Flight in Final Field Experiment

Vandenberg SFB Envisioned as ‘National Spaceport’

SpaceX Rocket Will Make a Highly Unusual Flight Along California’s Coast Overnight

The Race for the Next-Gen Space Station; NASA hopes private companies will replace the ISS by 2030—but which one(s)?

Third Test Of The Air Force's Hypersonic Weapon Has Failed Like The Ones Before It

Drone Swarms are Changing How the U.S. Army Thinks and Fights

US Air Force’s AgilePod prototype takes on new challenges

Even the U.S. Air Force Argued Against Building New F-22 Raptors

US Navy orders 36 more TH-73A helicopter trainers under $159.4M contract

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