Af/Pak & Other News (6/11/2021)

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Jun 11, 2021, 12:40:28 PM6/11/21
Taliban overrun another crucial Afghan district as fighting escalates

Afghanistan: A journey through Taliban country

Time running out to evacuate Afghans who helped U.S., advocates say

Iran Releases Video It Says Shows One Of Its Warships In The Atlantic For The First Time

Satellite images show activity at Iran site exposed in Mossad-seized nuke files

Russia is preparing to supply Iran with an advanced satellite system that will boost Tehran’s ability to surveil military targets, officials say

US offers $3 million for information on Iraq attacks

Turkey hits second senior PKK official in Iraq camp strike -Anadolu

US Sanctions Smugglers Generating Millions of Dollars for Yemen's Houthi Movement

Say Hello to Turkey’s Little Friend: How Drones Help Level the Playing Field

Syrian Regime Shelling Of Northern Syria Now Joined By Russian Airstrikes

Ex-Mossad chief signals Israel behind Iran nuclear attacks

Benjamin Netanyahu out, Naftali Bennett to become Israeli prime minister

Eastern Libya forces say arrested top Daesh figure

Main suspect in murder of RFI journalists killed by French strike in northern Mali

Macron to reduce French military presence in the Sahel

Somalia: Blast kills over 60 Al-Shabab fighters in southern region

Anti-Terror ‘Academy’ Set Up in Ivory Coast

With military victory elusive, W.African nations quietly back talks with Islamists

Ukraine to buy Turkish Aselsan Korkut air defense systems

Ukraine, Pakistan Discussing Joint Venture, Technology Transfer Deals

Russia: Delta Sunset

Italy Creates Cybersecurity Agency to Protect From Possible Russian 'Interference'

Germany brings former DDR air defense systems to Arctic Challenge exercise

UK practices for F-35B austere ops

UK extends Merlin operations until 2040

British warship heads to Black Sea despite Russian warnings

China, Russia Military Budgets Combined Exceed US Spending, Top General Says

China’s nuclear threat to US grows, mainly in the risk of a mishap, experts say

China has created a dystopian hellscape in Xinjiang, Amnesty report says

South Korea Is Looking At Building A Way Bigger Carrier Than We Thought

South Korea Can Now Build Missiles Able to Reach Beijing, With U.S. Blessing

Investigation into S.Korean KF-16 Accident Pins Blame on Bird Impact

Philippines reveals more details about submarine acquisition plans

Japan submarine to visit Philippines, Vietnam

Cambodia limits US diplomat’s scrutiny of controversial base

All six of Australia's Collins-class submarines to undergo life-of-type extensions

Report: FBI warned of 'credible North Korea threat' to Christopher Ahn

Three Percenters militia members charged in U.S. Capitol attack

Pentagon implements China Task Force recommendations to close gap between DOD priorities and policies

Lawmakers Question Navy’s Decision to Abandon Nuclear Cruise Missile

Pentagon renews effort to withhold more unclassified records

DoD wish list seeks more funds to boost Pacific missile defense, weapons cybersecurity

‘Hack The Army’ Uncovers 238 Cyber Vulnerabilities

Will Swarms of Underwater ‘Drones’ Make Submarines Obsolete?

U.S. Army moves on to the next phase of next-gen artillery system program

7.62x51mm Rifles And Miniguns Adapted To Fire Longer-Range Polymer Cased 6.8mm Ammo In Tests

The Unexpected Case Against Caseless

Ellsworth Air Force Base officially selected as first base to receive USAF first operational B-21 Raider Strategic Bombers

U.S. Navy test modern counter-UAS technologies aboard USS Shiloh cruiser

Drone Used High Power Microwaves To Knock Down Other Drones In DARPA Demo

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