Af/Pak & Other News (1/26/2021)

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Jan 26, 2021, 12:50:30 PM1/26/21
Al Qaeda ‘gaining strength’ in Afghanistan, U.S. Treasury says

Afghan government envoys accuse Taliban of snubbing talks

Afghan president’s ultimatum to Taliban: Cut ties with Pakistan & shut safe havens

Indian Army Rudra Helicopter Crashes in Jammu and Kashmir, One Pilot Killed

As Angry Farmers Take to New Delhi’s Streets, Protests Turn Violent

India conducts first test launch of Akash-NG missile

Iran Hosts Taliban to 'Exchange Views' on US-backed Afghan Peace Process

U.S. Tries to Seize Oil Shipment It Says Came From Iran

Purported new militant group claims drone attack against Saudi Arabia

Blast Shakes Riyadh Three Days After Projectile Intercepted

US exploring new bases in Saudi Arabia amid Iran tensions

Saudis Expanding US Military Access to Airfields, Port, to Counter Iran

Here’s what we know about Turkey’s newly launched homemade frigate

Turkish navy has successfully test-launched new AKYA torpedo from TCG Gür S-357 submarine

Syrian Arab Army forces position themselves on Mount Hermon - report

Hezbollah TV Correspondent Captures First Images Of Israeli F-35I Adir Jets Operating Inside Lebanese Airspace.

Elbit Systems awarded contract for Sabrah light tanks and direct-fire support vehicles

Somali Lawmakers Demand Inquiry on Alleged Troops Fighting in Tigray

Nigeria's President Buhari fires armed forces chiefs

Vaccine Is Now a Weapon in Ukraine’s Conflict With Russia

'Dethrone the tsar': Putin floats retirement to seaside winery amid Navalny uproar

As Russia's State Media Deflects Alexei Navalny Protests, Voice of America Amplifies Them

Navalny has boxed Putin into a 'humiliating' Catch-22, national-security officials say

By trying to silence protesters, Vladimir Putin is falling into a repression trap

Europe’s court condemns Russia over 2008 war with Georgia

Two U.S. Navy Ships Now Operating with NATO in the Black Sea

Greece Signs Contract to Acquire 18 Rafale Fighter Aircraft

The United Kingdom Has Chosen Who Will Build Its First Prototype Loyal Wingman Combat Drone

What is good and bad about the F-35 cockpit: A ‘Panther’ pilot’s guide to modern cockpits

South China Sea: Chinese military deploys ballistic missile’s launchers for training

PLA Plans New South China Sea Exercise Amid Fresh U.S.-China Tensions

New Chinese 155mm self-propelled howitzer spotted on public roads

Hong Kong police obtain financial records of arrested democracy activists

Beijing wiped out the democracy camp in Hong Kong. Now it’s replacing its friends.

Those Bombers China Sent Toward Taiwan? They Were A Dress Rehearsal For War

Taiwan air force flexes muscles after latest Chinese incursion

North Korean Hackers Hacked Famous Hackers With Fake Hacking Website, Google Says

Australia, U.S. Teaming to Develop High-Tech Cruise Missiles

Philippine Navy to start upgrade of its three Del Pilar-class frigates

Article of impeachment against Trump formally delivered to US Senate

Declassified CIA file reveals US spies believed that Soviet doctors had 'perfected' Extra-Sensory Perception in the 1980s and could transmit thoughts and feelings to subjects

With new Air Force One planes still bare, Biden will choose between the jet’s classic livery or a fresh paint scheme

The “Lady Bird Special” Was The Lowliest Of Air Force One Aircraft

U.S. Intelligence Analyst Given Stiff Prison Sentence For Trying To Pass Information To Russia

The Hidden Nuclear Policy The New U.S. Administration Needs To Tackle

Jeff Bezos Is Backing an Ancient Kind of Nuclear Fusion

To Defeat Enemy Drone Swarms, Troops May Have to Take a Back Seat to Machines, General Says

Red Flag 21-1 kicks off at Nellis

Missile Defense Agency picks 2 vendors for hypersonic weapon tracking sensor prototypes

Pentagon Advances "Next-Generation Interceptor" to Kill ICBMs in 2028

Newest Bradley fielding delayed as Army works to fix battery problem

Boeing And Lockheed Martin Reveal What Could Be The Army's UH-60 Black Hawk Replacement

US Marine Corps selects Metal Shark to develop Long Range Unmanned Surface Vessel LRUSV

US Navy eyes future targeting capability for Triton UAS

Navy to Expand Land-Based Testing for Unmanned Vessels, Conduct Offensive Firepower Analysis for USVs

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