Af/Pak & Other News (8/22/2021)

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Aug 22, 2021, 9:02:42 PMAug 22
Biden says Kabul evacuation accelerating, but still threatened by Islamic State

Biden Says Afghanistan Withdrawal Could Extend Beyond Aug. 31

Six Reasons Why the Taliban Flattened the Afghan Government

25% of Afghan Air Force Fled, Remainder in Disarray, Sources Say

Obama's Joint Chiefs chair says US should have gotten out of Afghanistan earlier

What The Civil Reserve Air Fleet Is And Why It's Been Activated For The Third Time In 70 Years

Taliban Takeover Seen as a Boon for Human Smugglers

Taliban Takeover: Ashraf Ghani Denies Stealing Millions During Escape Flight

Taliban’s special forces outfit providing ‘security’ at Kabul airport

Taliban planning to establish 'new governing framework' in Kabul

Taliban leaders are promising peace, order and amnesty in Afghanistan. They promised that last time, too.

With no dollars coming in, Afghanistan faces an economic cataclysm

US Has Not Recognized Taliban Government, No Decision on Aircraft and Airmen that Fled

There Must Be Accountability for America’s Defeat in Afghanistan

Taliban claim they have changed ... but all the signs suggest it’s only for show

Afghan Women: The Taliban Are Shooting People in the Night and Filming It

Fact check: US C-17 plane swarmed by Afghans in video was real, not inflatable in 'false flag' operation

A Taliban Challenge: To Learn the Lessons of History

Former CIA official: Biden’s Afghanistan exit was political ‘preference,’ not intelligence failure

Afghanistan withdrawal will 'embolden,' 'inspire' terrorists targeting US and Israel, experts warn

Afghan Sikhs, Hindus angered after MPs 'sneak out to India,' call for evacuation

Video: Afghan Senator Breaks Down After Reaching India On Air Force Plane

Throwing Rocks at a Fire – A Story From My Nine Months Training Afghan Soldiers

CNN Anchor Grills Jake Sullivan on Biden’s Misleading Afghanistan Claims: ‘We Know That’s Not True’

Taliban likely to host first foreign leader, Pak minister Qureshi, at Kabul today

Does the Belt and Road Have a Future in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan?

Rare earth trillions lure China to Afghanistan's new Great Game

Afghan civil war ‘unavoidable’ if Taliban refuse talks, says opposition leader

Pakistan's Tehreek-E-Taliban Chief Mufti Noor Wali Maseed Calls For Attack On Forces

Suicide bomber attacks Chinese motorcade in Pakistan, killing two local children

UK plans offshore asylum centres in other countries for Afghans

Europe fears Afghan refugee crisis after Taliban takeover

I've Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe's Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling.

Iran's shadow fleet and the secret alliance with China

Veteran opens up about what he witnessed serving in Iraq and Afghanistan

Fighting rages between Yemen's army, Houthis in Marib

Two New Turkish Indigenous Submarine Designs

Turkey reinforces border to block any Afghan migrant wave

US forces down Iranian drone in eastern Syria — report

Syrian air defense again shoots wildly at Israeli airstrikes - analysis

Israel’s Submarines Step Up Their Role in ‘Shadow War’ with Iran

Explosive balloons launched from Gaza - report

‘My Blood Is Boiling’: War Fever Surges in Ethiopia as Its Civil War Spreads

US Sidelined by Chinese Influence Campaign in Africa

Ukraine’s new Oplot tank breaks down in rehearsal parade

Russian S-500 air defence missile is about to be delivered, with a range of over 600 kilometres

Kalashnikov to present its new guided-missile at 'ARMY-2021' in Moscow

Kalashnikov unveils PPK-20 submachine gun for pilots

Russia Working on Airborne Launch and Recovery Drones

Norway and Russia sharpen transparency pact on warship, aircraft moves

Tried and Trusted: Kazakhstan Acquires The Y-8

First C-130J in Luftwaffe livery

China: Making The Last Sortie Count

China’s Anti-Satellite Weapons Could Conquer Taiwan—Or Start a War

Nuclear Weapons in South Korea? Not So Fringe Anymore.

Skunk Works Looks to Bridge Tanker, KC-Z, and Lighter-Than-Air

Missile Defense Agency director wants less complex, more mobile Aegis Ashore

Entangled America: Why Another International Nuclear Arms Race Has Begun

Marine Corps Pilot Program Expands Infantry Skills

PteroDynamics’ Clever Folding-Wing Drone Could Be The Cargo Hauler The Navy Needs

Video: Northrop Grumman Showcases VLWT at Sea Air Space 2021

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