Af/Pak & Other News (3/22/2021)

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Mar 22, 2021, 12:47:59 PM3/22/21
U.S. Defense Secretary meets Afghan president amid peace process review

Secret India-Pakistan Peace Roadmap Brokered by Top UAE Royals

Next round of India-China talks looks positive on Gogra-Hot Springs

Would Iran be prepared to attack a US military base in America?

Iran concealing elements of nuclear activities, officials fear

Iran Plans Submarine Expansion in Persian Gulf, Raising Risk of U.S. Clash

Iran is increasingly obsessed with defeating Saudi forces in Yemen

Sons of slain Iranian nuclear scientist describe gunfire attack on unarmored car

Flash Points: How bad can the Iraq crisis get?

Saudi-led coalition intensifies Yemen air strikes, hits grains port

Saudi Arabia offers cease-fire plan to Yemen rebels

Two Saudi companies to produce Turkish drones

Turkey: Arabs Refuse To Submit

Russian jets, Syrian army target northwestern Syria

Kurdish Fighters, Pro-Turkey Rebels Clash in North Syria

Pollard defends spying on US for Israel in rare interview

IAI extends air defense capabilities for longer range, ballistic threats

Analysis | Much More Than 12: Israel Attacked Dozens of Tankers, Iran Lost Billions; A deep dive into Israeli-Iranian naval war

Latest al-Qassam Brigades publication touts its military advancements

Israelis Worry About CH-53K King Stallion Engines

Israel wants to develop a national drone AI control system

Wagner mercenaries are still digging trenches between Sirte and Jufra

Dozens killed in raids on Niger villages near Mali border

Mozambique Turns to Green Berets After Russians Fail Against al-Shabaab

Contest for Burkina Faso’s new fighter jet gathers momentum

Russia launches 38 satellites for 18 countries

Kremlin critic Navalny says prison like being a 'stormtrooper'

EU imposes China sanctions over Xinjiang abuses; first in three decades

JSM anti-ship and land-attack missile successfully tested from F-35A

Europe must act as Lebanon collapses, France says

Warship to be based permanently in Gibraltar

UK, South Korea reportedly start talks on carrier technologies

Colombian Navy Seizes Narco-submarine In Pacific Ocean

China looks to artificial intelligence (AI) and unmanned underwater vehicles to boost submarine capabilities

China's confrontational military buildup to be laid bare by U.S. spy agency in unprecedented reveal

China Upgrades Russian Sovremenny-class Destroyers with Anti-ship Cruise Missiles

China May Be Taking Rebranded Iran Oil Amid Increased Scrutiny

Chinese Navy Sailors Depressed

Taiwan loses two fighter jets in apparent collision, third such crash in six months

5 Takeaways From Investigating Covert Oil Deliveries to North Korea

How We Tracked Secret Oil Deliveries to North Korea

Philippines must protest over Beijing’s ‘little blue men’ or waive South China Sea claims, Duterte government told

Philippine Air Force wants more Super Tucano light attack aircraft

New Zealand: Dawn Aerospace Mk-II Aurora Mach 3+ Spaceplane Capable Of Multiple Same-day Flights

UFO report details ‘difficult to explain’ sightings, says US ex-intelligence director

The Coming UFO Report from U.S. Intelligence May Blow Minds

DroneShield demonstrates its TIPS-C counter-drone solution

AFRL completes second Golden Horde demonstration, shifts focus to Colosseum digital weapon ‘ecosystem'

Bye-Bye, B-52s & Carriers; Hello, More Destroyers & F-35s

General Dynamics delivers first Knifefish surface mine countermeasure unmanned underwater vehicle

A historic exercise shows how Navy SEALs will keep aircraft carriers in a high-end fight

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