Af/Pak & Other News (2/12/2013)

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Feb 12, 2013, 12:26:39 PM2/12/13
Afghan National Security Forces take over security operations:

U.S. Army Wants More Switchblades:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Government Panel in Afghanistan Confirms Widespread Torture of

Review of Deadly Attack on Base In Afghanistan Finds Troops Let Guard
Down (excerpt):

Obama to announce 34,000 troops to return from Afghanistan:,0,2203970.story

Pakistani, Afghan Clerics Bicker Over Peace Summit:

Fears of the Future Haunt a Budding Generation of Afghan Strivers:

In Afghanistan Everyone Is A Winner:

India orders probe into alleged Italy bribe allegations:

India Refurbishing its AN-32 Transport Fleet:

Iran claims it tested new air-to-air missile from F-14:

UN monitors see arms reaching Somalia from Yemen, Iran:

Rising power Qatar stirs unease among some Mideast neighbors:

'Islamist factions' seize Syrian airbase:

Syrian rebels storm base defending Aleppo airport:

Syrian rebels prepare for push on eastern oil city:

Suicide bombers kill 14 Syrian security personnel:

Fortune Favors The Bold:

Libya: Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose:

Operation Serval: Zoom on the Harfang UAV Detachment:

Chad's former dictator to be tried in Senegal for atrocities:

Guinean military chief killed in Liberian air crash:

Marine convoy protection service on the horizon:

Italy defence firm chief arrested for India bribes: reports:

Sweden’s deputy prime minister wants Patriot missiles:

Italian ex-spy chief gets 10 years in CIA case:

China joins U.S., Japan in condemning North Korea nuclear test:

S. Korea spy agency says more nuclear tests possible:

Here’s How Geology Shows North Korea’s Nukes Are Getting Bigger:

South Korea mulls using unmanned attack helicopters against North:

Maritime Helicopters 'Likely' Not Ready Until 2015: Manufacturer

Typhoon test pilot responds to Lockheed F-35 claims, Northrop adds
ground fire detection capability to DAS cameras:

Along Came A Spider: The XM-7 RED:

Three join DARPA ASPN navigation sensor-fusion program to reduce U.S.
need for GPS:

DOD Inspector General finds USAF F-22 crash report conclusions not
supported by the facts:

Inside the Navy’s Big Aircraft-Carrier Budget Gamble:

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