Af/Pak & Other News (12/19/2020)

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Dec 19, 2020, 11:03:18 PM12/19/20
Rockets hit U.S.'s Bagram Airfield base in Afghanistan

India To Modify Used Airliners Into Early-Warning Radar Jets To Keep Pace With Its Rivals

Ballistic missile submarine Arighat in final stages of trials, to be commissioned early 2021

India-China military commanders meet in near future; PLA non committal on Depsang

Iran: Body Count Blues

US: Iran tried to assassinate senior officials in Bahrain

Iraq: F-16s Rescue Desperate Special Operators In This Chilling Account With Gun Camera Footage

Saudi Arabia cuts defence spending

Yemen's STC separatists join unity government against Houthis

Fourth explosives attack targeting Saudi energy infrastructure demonstrates Ansar Allah militants' growing capabilities to target assets in Red Sea

Algerian Navy AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin crash, one dead, two missing

Cameroon Says Boko Haram Infiltrates Top Business and Political Leaders

Somalia suicide bombing misses PM but kills several top commanders

Massive ‘Sea Base’ Ship Joins Effort to Withdraw US Troops From Somalia

Why Boko Haram’s attack on Toumour, Niger is a stark warning to neighbouring states

Buran: How the Soviets stole the Space Shuttle

Experts Name S-500 Air Defense System as Possible ‘Antidote’ to Hypersonic Weapons

Aviastar-SP Will Start Fulfilling the Contract of the Ministry of Defense for the Production of 10 Il-78M-90A Tankers Next Year

Russia's SolarWinds Hack Is a Historic Mess

Why Russia's massive cyberattack is especially insidious

Russia’s Hacking Frenzy Is a Reckoning

Lithuanian defense minister: We fell victim to a large-scale cyberattack

Polish Army receives first PILICA anti-aircraft missile system

Italy starts work on new "Top Gun" training school, here is a preview

French Army will use AI to identify enemy combat vehicles

Ex-governor of cartel-ravaged Mexican state gunned down in beach resort

China Is Gnawing at Democracy’s Roots Worldwide

Chinese launch covert cyber attacks on India: Millions of online shoppers targeted, claims report

China says tailed U.S. warship in Taiwan Strait

Report: North Korea's top diplomat 'out' at Pyongyang's politburo

Japan may equip Aegis ships with long-range standoff missiles

Steel cut on new Australian frigates

Bellingcat Can Say What U.S. Intelligence Can’t

Sailors with COVID-19 replaced aboard USS Essex

Security experts are 'freaking out' about how foreign hackers carried out the 'most pristine espionage effort' in modern history right under the US's nose

How to Understand the Russia Hack Fallout

Former CIA and Pentagon Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash: This is an epic national security crisis

SolarWinds Isn't the Only Way Hackers Entered Networks, CISA Says

Citing mega hack, lawmakers urge Trump to sign defense bill full of cyber protections

Here's a list of the US agencies and companies that were reportedly hacked in the suspected Russian cyberattack

Trump Officials Deliver Plan to Split Up Cyber Command, NSA

Pentagon says it's cooperating with transition but Biden team disagrees

Ranger Training Battalion Commander Fired

Lockheed Martin video appears to show simulated attack on Russian S-400 system

ATAC Mirage F1 fighters arrive at Tyndall to provide adversary air training

Space Force Troops Finally Have A Name: Guardians

What Will The Guardians Of Space Force Protect Us From?

SpaceX Launches NROL-108 Mission for U.S. National Reconnaissance Office

Israeli, Serbian, And Swedish Self-Propelled Howitzers Are Headed To A U.S. Army Shoot-Off

Army names their new mask ‘Combat Cloth Face Covering’

Army Plans Next Steps for Iron Dome Missile Defense

US Army places $4.6B contract for deliveries of newest Abrams M1A2 SEPv3 tanks

Army Will Let Makers Decide How Many Soldiers to Fit Inside New Fighting Vehicle

QinetiQ, Pratt Miller Deliver Two Additional RCV-L Robotic Combat Vehicles to U.S. Army

US Army see self-adjusting turbine blades powering new supersonic VTOLs

Here’s why the Valkyrie drone couldn’t translate between F-35 and F-22 jets during a recent test

NGAD Likely To Carry AI Copilot; Next Step Certifying Them Flight Ready: Roper

Navy Cruising Ahead with Project Avenger Pilot Training Program

This Mini Vertical Launch System Can Give Small Ships And Trucks Huge Firepower

U.S. Navy Submarine Emerges from Beneath the Arctic Ice

Navy Wants 21 New Large Undersea and Surface Attack Drones in 5 Years

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