Af/Pak & Other News (6/16/2013)

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Jun 16, 2013, 9:35:37 PM6/16/13
Afghans poised to take security lead from US, NATO:

Gunmen kidnap relatives of former Balochistan governor:

Taliban fighters shrug off NSA surveillance revelations: ‘We knew’:

India to have shield from missiles of 5,000 km range:

Indian Scorpene programme faces further delays:

Series of attacks kill 51 people across Iraq:

Saudi Arabia plans to supply MANPADS to Syrian rebels:

Explosion hits military airport in Damascus - activists:

Putin: West arming Syrian rebels who eat human flesh:

The Red Army Gets Its Mojo Back:

Rebels target military tank, survive air assault in Syria:

Private money pours into Syrian conflict as rich donors pick sides:

Italian DM: Will Syria Boil Over Into Regional Conflict?:

New Tactical 3DHFDF Fixes High-Frequency Radios in 160 Miliseconds:

Libyans to france for officer training:

France Develops Smarter Rockets:

PARIS: Russia's Ka-52 Alligator looks to bite into export market:

nEUROn: Toward a European UCAV:

PARIS 2013: Rivals Embraer and Beechcraft show off COIN aircraft:

PARIS 2013: Two-seat JF-17 model:

ArchAngel Comes To Paris:

PARIS: Sukhoi Su-35 set to steal the show:

China’s Jet Fighter Surprise:

Philippines looking at air defense missile system:

Philippines to Acquire Israeli Missiles:

Dick Cheney: Edward Snowden a 'traitor' who likely spied for China

NetTraveler Joins Red October:

DoD could eventually move to a 'cyber service', says Carter:

Massive war games:

U.S. Judge Rules Fort Hood Gunman Can't Use Protecting-Taliban
Defense :

L-39 lost half its vertical tail in mid-air collision over Nevada:

Why America Wants a New Bomber:

Fleet Grows, Training Increases for F-35:

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