Af/Pak & Other News (1/9/2021)

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Jan 9, 2021, 9:14:44 PM1/9/21
Taliban See Ghani as 'Obstacle' to Afghan Peace

'Psychological Warfare': Taliban Adopts New Strategy In Afghanistan

What If the Afghan Peace Process Fails?

2019 Balakot airstrike: Ex-Pak diplomat admits there were 300 casualties, slams Islamabad for ‘weak response’

India detains Chinese soldier at flashpoint border

Iran to expel nuclear weapons inspectors if US doesn’t lift sanctions

Iran holds naval parade in Persian Gulf

Iran focused on frozen assets as South Korea seeks tanker's release

Location of Tanker seized by Iranian IRGC In Strait Of Hormuz

Five ANG F-16s sustained catastrophic damage in Kuwait 2 years ago

Daesh attack kills 7 regime loyalists in east Syria: monitor

French warplanes fly over Central African Republic amid vote tensions

Report: Hospitals in Ethiopia’s Tigray struck by artillery

Russia Developing a New Unmanned Aerial ‘Drone Killer’

Serbia: Making The Old New Again

Saab to build underwater robots for French-British naval countermine program

Irish military concerned UK rescue aircraft could ‘collect intelligence’

First 'Narco Submarine' Incident of 2021

China’s military gives glimpse of updated long-range rocket system

Here Are Apparently The First Official Pictures Of JF-17 Thunder Block-III

New escape suit for PLA Navy submariners successfully trialled

US-China ‘grey zone’ rivalry in South China Sea may be about to intensify

'Null and void': Pompeo lifts restrictions on US-Taiwan contacts in parting shot at China

Kim Jong Un says North Korea is developing tactical nukes, new warheads and a nuclear-powered submarine

Indonesian Jetliner Crashes Into the Sea After Takeoff, Carrying 62

Pelosi Wants To Prevent "Unhinged" Trump From Launching A Nuclear Strike. Here's The Reality

Computers with Access to Classified Material Stolen from Capitol

Military quick-reaction force not deployed during storming of Capitol because of a lack of planning, defense officials say

Congress Launches Investigations into Capitol Police Following Siege

A rioter seen in on the Senate floor in combat gear carrying zip-tie handcuffs has been identified as a decorated Air Force veteran

How the Insurgent and MAGA Right are Being Welded Together on the Streets of Washington D.C.

Capitol Siege Shines Light On Vast Underground Tunnel Network

The Capitol Riot Is Over. But the Search for Booby Traps Could Take Weeks.

Breach of US Capitol Building in Washington D.C. by supporters of outgoing president underlines escalation of violent anti-establishment sentiment among right-wing extremists

Microsoft says ‘SolarWinds’ hackers viewed internal code

Ransomware: Attacks could be about to get even more dangerous and disruptive

BlackSky awarded IARPA contract to develop next generation artificial intelligence platform

Legendary VH-3 Sea King is one step closer to retire

Next high-flying SpaceX Starship test could blast off as soon as Tuesday

Minuteman III missile should be scrapped, STRATCOM chief says

Military researchers ask industry to develop long-range biometrics and facial recognition algorithms

New Counter-Drone Strategy Calls for ‘Holistic’ Approach Across Services

Pentagon’s first demo of small counter-drone tech set for spring

U.S. Army discloses ways to protect its aircraft from missiles

New in 2021: Marines and loitering munitions ― from LAVs to infantry squads, the Corps wants more in the new year

U.S. Air Force funds adaptation of automotive radar for autonomous "flying cars"

AFRL to flight test LASH system for personnel recovery from light aircraft

USAF purchases CubCrafters XCub aircraft

This Stretched Super FB-111 Was A Low-Cost Challenger To The B-1 Bomber

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