Af/Pak & Other News (2/8/2013)

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Feb 8, 2013, 1:07:56 PM2/8/13
CIA used ISI facilities in Karachi, says US report:

Blast near mosque kills 16 in Pakistan's northwest:

Pakistan lost one Saab 2000 Erieye during attack on Kamra airbase:

US drone attacks kill eight in North Waziristan: officials:

Almost half of British military kit to be left in Afghanistan:

MOD Adopts Glock; Takes Stand on Side Arms:

Ten militants killed in Orakzai air strikes:

Despite Missile Integration, Nuke Role Unlikely for Pakistan’s JF-17:

German Bundeswehr to Field Additional Gladius Soldier Systems:

John Brennan: CIA Nomination, Drones, Death And Justice:

India’s K-15 Sagarika Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Completes
Developmental Tests:

India developing Agni-VI missile capable of carrying multiple
warheads: DRDO chief:

Indian Air Force rejects Iron Dome:

Indian air force chief slams HAL trainers:

Rudra Growing Claws:

Hawks Fly Away With India’s Jet Trainer v2 Competition:

India Touts Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Capabilities:

Iran vs. the World :

Terror charge adds to Hezbollah's problems:

Iraq Bombs Kill 36, Sunnis Stage Protest Rallies:

Yemen demands Iran halt its support of insurgents:

Is This the Secret U.S. Drone Base in Saudi Arabia?:

US media shines spotlight on self over drone secrets:

Pentagon backed plan for U.S. to arm Syrian rebels:

Group Says 54 Died in Syria Military Factory Blast:

Assad's forces try to beat back rebels edging into Damascus:

Test Firing Validates David’s Sling Air & Missile Defense System

Israel to ask U.S. for V-22:

C-RAM or VSHORAD? Iron Dome Do Both:

Anti-government protesters march across Egypt:

Tunisia Islamists say no new to new government as crisis grows:

Militants attack Algerian barracks: report:

US envoy says France ransoms fed Africa's al-Qaida:

Looted Libyan Arms in Mali May Have Shifted Conflict’s Path:

France and COIN Air Operations in Mali:

French Blitz In Mali:

Paratroops mutiny in Bamako in blow to Mali security efforts:

How You Can Tell Our Austere, Remote (And Originally Temporary)
Outpost in Djibouti Has Become Permanent:

Gunmen Kill Nigeria Women Giving Polio Vaccines:

Upgraded Ruslan Heavy Lifter to Start Testing ‘Soon’:

UK MoD Orders Innovative Anti-RPG Armor Kits:

RAF's first Airseeker conversion on track, MoD says:

Mobile Radar Optimized to Detect UAVs, Precision Guided Weapons:

China is world's most malware-ridden nation:

China, Japan engage in new invective over disputed isles:

Y-20 Cabin Breaks Up Material Monopoly:

China To Find A Target-Rich Environment:

Hacker 'botnet' hijacked online searches: Microsoft:

Hacker accesses email account of George H.W. Bush:

Hard to Believe:

Time to Change the Rules of the Cyber-Security Game:

Panetta: BRAC back on the table in 2014 Pentagon budget:

5 Homeland Security ‘Bots Coming to Spy on You (If They Aren’t

Lockheed claims F-35 kinematics ‘better than or equal to’ Typhoon or
Super Hornet:

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