Af/Pak & Other News (5/21/2021)

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May 21, 2021, 2:27:10 PM5/21/21
Taliban Control In Afghanistan

Taliban may grab US military equipment as American troops leave Afghanistan

House Committees Grill U.S. Envoy Over Taliban Control in Post-U.S. Afghanistan

NATO to continue Afghan troop training after leaving country

District In Afghanistan's Maidan Wardak Province Falls To Taliban

Inside Washington’s Fight to Save Afghans Who Saved Americans

Bomb targeting Islamist leader’s car kills 7 in Pakistan

Third Crash of Indian MiG-21 in 2021

Iran unveils new missiles, ‘Gaza’ drones - analysis

Iran uses crypto mining to lessen impact of sanctions, study finds

Iran Enlists Its Intelligence Agency to Crack Down on Illegal Crypto Mining

Iran's Deadly Grip Reaches Into Africa

In tactical shift, Iran grows new, loyal elite from among Iraqi militias

Did Iran use Iraqi militias to fly drone into Israel? - analysis

The US and its allies are likely to run into a Russian-Turkish wall in Syria

Putin’s Shadow Warriors Stake Claim to Syria’s Oil

Israel and Hamas cease fire but Jerusalem clashes break out again

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Agreed, To Be Monitored By Egypt

Cease-fire in Gaza: What we know about the Israel, Hamas agreement

On the sidelines, Hezbollah looms large over Gaza battle

'Metro' in firing line of Israel strikes on Gaza

What IDF Special Operations Reveal About Hamas's Rockets and Tunnels

There Is No Equivalence in How Hamas and Israel Wage War

Hamas dealt heavy blow, ‘surprised’ by Israeli response, analysts say

EXPLAINER: What was the outcome of the latest Gaza war?

Egypt, Sudan to hold joint drill amid Ethiopia Nile dispute

Tunisian Air Force Buys ANKA-S Model UAV’s from Turkey

Nigerian army investigating reports that Boko Haram leader died blowing himself up to avoid capture

Separatist Movements in Nigeria and Cameroon Are Joining Forces

French Air and Space Force engages MQ-9 Reaper Block 5 UAV against terrorists in Africa

Ukrainian Army Receives Modernized T-64 Tanks

The devastating human, economic costs of Crimea’s annexation

Putin’s passport ploy in Ukraine may pave way for Russia’s next annexation

Air Defense: Russia Goes Passive

As the US and Russia spar over the Arctic, Putin creates new facts on the ground

Russian Defense Ministry Approves Existing Mi-28 Helicopters to Be Upgraded to The Mi-28NM Standard

US, Russia hold parallel military drills in the Balkans

Airplane used by Romanian dictator Ceausescu up for auction

Croatia Could Soon Buy 12 Used Rafale Jets for Euro 1 Billion

Italy’s Secretive Submarine Deal With Qatar: New Intelligence

US Army prepositions first JLTVs to Germany

Spanish Eurocopter Tiger struck power line during Adriatic Strike 2021

Ceuta migration crisis: Spain accuses Morocco of 'blackmail'

France begins Rafale F4 flight trials

FCAS developers chasing the sweet spot in mix of fighter, drone designs

Why Does the U.K. Want More Nuclear Weapons?

The Navy sub commanded by artificial intelligence

Two massive British aircraft carriers sail together

Ex-Green Berets jailed in bungled Venezuela coup may have been duped, negotiator says

China Is Testing A Beastly 20-Barrel Naval Gatling Gun

China building villages all along Tibet border, disputed with India, Bhutan

China’s Media Uses Computer-Generated Photo to Liken G-7 to 19th Century Foes

China puts upgraded HQ-9 missile system to extreme test

China’s J-10 comes of age with indigenous engine

Why Does China Want a Naval Base in the Atlantic Ocean?

China Goes Twin-Engine MPA

China to Try Australian on Spy Charge, Adding to Diplomatic Tensions

Risk of Taiwan Strait conflict ‘at all-time high’, Beijing-backed think tank says

Taiwan: RoCN Albatross UAV crashes

Indonesia’s submarine sinking highlights military’s shortfalls

What a bridge on North Korea's secret border says about China's cold war with the West

North Korea ‘unlikely to surrender its nuclear stockpile', says USFK commander nominee

U.S. Nears Extension on Philippine Basing Pact

Kiribati’s China-backed airstrip upgrade fuels political divisions in Pacific nation

Japan Paper: Sea-based missile defense double cost of land-based plan

Canada: Soldier Charged After She Allegedly Served Weed Cupcakes to Troops During Live-Fire Training

From UFO to UAP: how flying saucers became legitimate

Harry Reid: What We Believe About U.F.O.s

PAC Launched To Press Feds To Release More Info On UFOs

Why Scientists Run from Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

A Close Look at Air Force One’s Visit to Detroit and the Presidential Motorcade.

Here’s Why Aggressor Learjets Were Making Mock Attack Runs Towards Philly Last Night

Senators threaten to cut the Pentagon’s allowance if it can’t pass an audit next year

NSA outlines its information-sharing duties under Biden cyber EO

Researchers Are Trying to Create an Unhackable Computer Processor

Microsoft, SOCOM Highlight Need for Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence

Drones Flying Near Airports, Infrastructure Prompt U.S. Action

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: May. 20

Congressional Budget Office Primer on U.S. Military’s Force Structure

New Liquid Coating Could Make Stealth Aircraft Invisible and Hypersonic

DARPA ‘Likely’ To Demo Only 2 Blackjack Payloads

Army SOF Units Are Getting Smaller, More Self-Reliant as Focus Shifts to China, Russia

Hoverfly demonstrates LiveSky 6205 Group 1 UAV at ANTX

Special Operations Command Is Now Seeking A High-Speed VTOL Aircraft


Paratroopers Pioneer New Army Network, Tactics

USAF plans to build AIM-120s in-theater, starting with solid rocket motor factory in a shipping container

The U.S. Air Force’s F-15EX Could Lob A New ‘Outsize’ Air-To-Air Missile Nearly 200 Miles

US Air Force tests using F-15’s EPAWSS to clear path for F-35

F-15Es with EPAWSS allowed the F-35 to get closer to the enemy

F-15EX Wins Some, Loses Some in Northern Edge

How General Atomics Is Going All-In On Making Its Drones Relevant In A Peer-State Conflict

GDBIW launches US Navy’s milestone 70th Arleigh Burke destroyer

USSOCOM eyes digital engineering for next-gen Dry Combat Submersible

Ghost Fleet Ship ‘Nomad’ Transited Panama Canal, Headed to California

US Navy funds construction of second Constellation-class frigate ‘Congress’

Fincantieri dedicates all its US shipyards for Navy frigate orders

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