Af/Pak & Other News (2/14/2021)

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Feb 14, 2021, 6:40:48 PM2/14/21
Devastation as 500 tanker blast destroys Afghanistan-Iran customs post

Firefighters battle Afghan-Iran border blaze for a 2nd day

Germany wants troops to stay on in Afghanistan

Biden has no good options on Afghanistan with deadline for troop withdrawal looming

Biden Administration Aims To Close Guantanamo Bay Prison

Taliban chief Haibatullah Akhundzada killed in Pakistan ‘months ago’: Reports

Final Production Batch of LRSAM for Indian Naval Ships Flagged Off

Persistent Pilot Shortage Solution

Iran tests ‘smart’ missile with 300-kilometer range

Turkey says militants executed 13, including soldiers, police, in Iraq

Dozens killed as Houthi rebels target last government stronghold in Yemen

Watch Turkey’s first unmanned combat surface vessel start sea trials

Sailors kidnapped off Nigeria return to Turkey, describe death threats and forest captivity

IS Winning Battle in Syria’s Displaced-Persons Camps

Trump wanted to assassinate Syrian president, former adviser claims

Suicide bomber detonates near Somalia’s presidential palace

Sudan says Ethiopian forces crossed border, raising tensions

Ukraine says five of its soldiers killed in east despite truce

Russian heavy maritime patrol plane makes emergency landing

Russians stage Valentine's Day flashmobs to support Navalny

Air Drop: Russian Paratroopers are Dropping Artillery Guns From the Sky

Eurofighter Shows Typhoon In “Beast Mode” With 14 Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-To-Air Missiles

Myanmar military ratchets up pressure: tanks deployed, soldiers fire at protesters

Burmese Expert: China Helping Military Establish Cyber Firewall

The U.S. and Its Allies Must Ensure Taiwan Doesn’t Fall to Beijing

Philippine President Duterte inspects C-130, Super Tucanos, Black Hawks, Hermes 450 and 900

Italian Navy aircraft carrier ITS Cavour arrives at Naval Station Norfolk

Oath Keeper militants planned out their attack at the Capitol, even holding trainings in the weeks before, and looked to Trump for direction

“I Don’t Trust the People Above Me”: Riot Squad Cops Open Up About Disastrous Response to Capitol Insurrection

U.S. Army releases new ‘market survey’ in anticipation of light tank production

These soldiers defeated tanks by hacking them

Check Out the New Upgrades for the Army’s EMARSS Spy Plane

IM-SHORAD testing at White Sands Missile Range

U.S. Army is set to buy more anti-personnel mines

The Marine Corps’s new battlewagon is a better tank-killer than the service’s tanks, general says

What Might DARPA’s Longshot Fighter Drone Be Armed With?

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