Af/Pak & Other News (12/12/2020)

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Dec 12, 2020, 8:33:38 PM12/12/20
Rocket attacks target various parts of Kabul

Report: Afghans Losing Hope for Peace Process Amid Violence

The Shadow War Inside Iran

Iran’s options to hit Israel for nuke chief’s killing reach far beyond Hezbollah

U.S. Warns Iran Moving Closer to Nuclear Weapon

Two coalition convoys hit in Iraq: security sources

Protests flare in Iraq’s Kurdish north, adding new front in national crisis

U.S. B-52 Bombers Escorted by Saudi F-15SAs Over Saudi Arabia During “Deterrence Mission” To The Persian Gulf

The Pitiful Endgame of Saudi Arabia’s Qatar Blockade

Chemical weapons watchdog criticizes Syria over 19 issues

Chemical weapons watchdog criticizes Syria for failing to declare facility; Russia accuses organization of ‘political crusade’ against its close ally during clash at UN Security Council meeting

Given gaps, inconsistencies, Syria’s declarations on chemical weapons programme not considered ‘accurate and complete’

Israel establishes diplomatic relations with Bhutan

'We refuse any deal that would involve Haftar,' Libya’s defence minister tells FRANCE 24

Operation Barkhane: France to deploy Spy Ranger mini-drone system

Shadowy Ethiopian massacre could be 'tip of the iceberg'

U.S. launches airstrikes as it argues Shabaab is ‘contained’ in Somalia

Hackers leaks data of Nigeria’s A-29 Super Tucano

Russian Submarine Vladimir Monomakh Conducts Salvo Launch of Four Bulava Ballistic Missiles

No, Russia Really Doesn’t Need A New Single-Engine Fighter

Russian Air Force Scrambled MiG-31 Fighter To Intercept U.S. Air Force Spy Plane

Russian Prepares for Total War With the West

Russia's FireEye Hack Is a Statement—but Not a Catastrophe

Hackers Accessed Covid Vaccine Data Through the EU Regulator; The European Medicines Agency has released limited details about the cyberattack.

Caspian Amphibians - Azerbaijan’s Elusive Fleet Of Beriev Amphibious Aircraft

Dutch NH90 lost lift after downwind turn, causing crash that killed two

New Anti-Tank Weapons and Fennek Upgrade for Dutch Army

Austrian police seize haul of weapons intended for German extremists

European 6th-Gen Fighter Jet: After Germany & France, Spain Awards Contract To Airbus To Develop FCAS Aircraft

France debates human rights at home while still selling weapons to oppressive regimes

The UK Navy is preparing to mobilize armed ships against French fishermen if negotiators can't strike a Brexit deal

Tempest: Everything we know about the UK’s 6th-gen fighter

UK Could Buy More F-35 Fighter Jets After All

Royal Navy’s Fifth Astute Class Submarine Named HMS Anson

Marine found guilty of smuggling guns to Haiti in purported plot to become president

China Seeks A Better Battle Robot

China Is Both Weak and Dangerous

PLA aircraft operating just off the coast of Taiwan today

Thai Air Force turns to drones to detect illegal crossings

Australia Grounds Entire Fleet Of US-Origin F-18 Super Hornets

Japan: F-15JSI integration with JASSM in doubt as costs increase five times

​Manila eyes order for 16 additional S-70is

How radio frequency waves ended a CIA officer’s career

Al-Qaeda terrorist who bombed US embassies is released from prison early because of COVID-19

‘This can’t be my Army’ — The Fort Hood report is a long-overdue wake-up call for Army leaders

US Space Force destroys every other military service in a 'Call of Duty' tournament

Congress Passes 2021 Defense Budget, With Veto-Proof Majority

Congress Wants to Beef Up Army Effort to Develop Counter-Drone Weapons

The Pentagon Is Ill-Organized to Improve Its Use of Electromagnetic Spectrum, GAO Says

Rocket motor fails to ignite on Virgin Galactic test flight

Watch: The U.S. Space Force “Origins” Video is Pretty Impressive

Boeing delivers first batch of upgraded Compact Laser Weapon System to US Department of Defense

Army Gung-Ho on 3D Printing Spare Parts

U.S. Army finished operational testing of a new heavy assault bridge

Light tank prototypes arrive at Fort Bragg for soldier evaluation

The Marine Corps is full speed ahead with its first new amphibious vehicle since the Vietnam War

DARPA's Gremlins Drones Were "Just Inches" From Successfully Being Recovered In Flight

Joby Aviation receives first airworthiness approval from U.S. military for electric VTOL aircraft

Loading of AGM-183A on B-52H

Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles Are Getting Replacement Wings Ripped Off Saudi F-15S Jets

US Navy’s Next Generation Jammer Low Band to enter EMD phase

Future Navy Drone Boats Will Get Advanced Weapons & Radar

Navy Expands Missile Killing Radar on Growing Fleet of Drone Ships

U.S. Navy plan calls for 82 new ships, at $147B, by 2026

Navy Streamlines Ship Attack, Merges Air Defenses Against Aircraft & Missiles

Navy's Future Light Amphibious Ships Will Be Designed to Operate Off China's Coast

Navy Arms First New Flight III Destroyer With Next-Gen Weapons

Navy Large Surface Combatant(LSC)Program: Background and Issues for Congress

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