Af/Pak & Other News (9/15/2012)

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Sep 15, 2012, 7:52:35 PM9/15/12
Two NATO soldiers killed by gunman thought to be Afghan police

Al Qaeda 'weapons expert' killed in eastern Afghanistan:

Prince Harry targeted in fatal Taliban attack on 'impregnable'
military base:

Deadly attack on base in Afghanistan destroys five aircraft, damages

Four German Tigers delivered for Afghanistan deployment:

For Syrians, Frustration Over Outrage About Film, Not Assad’s Horrors:

Israeli Foreign Ministry officials say U.S. ignored Arab wrath:

Jihadists attack international peacekeeper base in Egypt's Sinai:

Tunisia's Ruling Party Condemns US Embassy Attack:

U.S. orders family, non-essential staff to leave Tunis, Khartoum

Libyan president tells NBC: 'Foreigners' involved in US Consulate

Libyan officials: US drones behind airport closure:

Libya identifies 50 involved in U.S. attack: official:

U.S. sends spies to Libya; al-Qaida branch urges more attacks:

Sudan rejects addition of Marines at US Embassy:

Our Vulnerable Embassies:

‘Muslims’ Movie Producer Was Arrested for PCP, Snitched for Feds:

Hungary Is Hungry for Hueys; Defense Minister Hopes For 'A Donation'

UK: Deal Secures Patrol Vessels for Decade:

ILA 2012: Upgraded CH-53GA to begin official certification shortly:

Oz Doubts U.S. Staying Power:

China: The Assimilation Wars:

China's DF-16 Medium-range Ballistic Missile:

Images emerge of NORINCO wheeled anti-aircraft gun:

Canadian Defence Minister Announces the Arrival of New Next Generation
Tank :

Lt. Gen. Mills: Marines Have a Place in 'Air-Sea Battle':

Boeing Knocks F-35's 'Delays and Delays,' Touts F-18:

Undersea Mines Could Be Next Decade's IEDs:

Boeing Aims For JDAM-ER Deliveries In 2015:

Dazzling Army Missile Test Triggers UFO Reports in Western US:

Analysts: Drone Warfare Becoming Overrated:

Textron Defense Systems to produce ‘Clean Munitions’ for SOCOM:

NASA Decodes Trouble With F-22:

Navy SEALs Plan Return to Maritime Roots:

“When an 82-year-old pacifist nun gets to the inner sanctum of our
weapons complex, you cannot say `Job well done.' She's in the
audience. Would you please stand up, ma'am? We want thank you for
pointing out some of the problems in our security.”:

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