Af/Pak & Other News (12/7/2020)

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Dec 7, 2020, 12:20:38 PM12/7/20
The U.S. is rushing to the exit in Afghanistan. The Taliban is filling the gaps

The Afghan inquiry and the question of responsibility

Body Of MiG-29K Pilot Found 11 Days After Indian Navy Jet Went Down

Indian company filing appeal with Supreme Court to save INS Viraat

Iran nuclear centrifuge plan 'deeply worrying', say European powers

‘Israel has tape of slain Iran nuke chief talking about building five warheads’

Iran says 'smart satellite-controlled machine gun' killed top nuclear scientist

.50+ Calibre Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist: Diagram.

As Iran mulls retaliation for nuclear scientist's death, a riddle remains. What exactly was he working on?

Saudi-led coalition says destroyed explosive drone from Yemen Houthis

How China Is Learning From Russia's War In Syria

Former Israeli space security chief says aliens exist, humanity not ready

Libya threatens to withdraw from ceasefire over Haftar

Deal or Déjà Vu? Libya’s Post-Conflict Political and Security Governance Dilemma

Russia jails ex-Ukrainian soccer player for 12 years in spying case - court

Russian Firm Begins Developing New-Gen Submarines

The Russian Navy’s Only Flattop Is A Bad-Luck Wreck—But Moscow Is Fixing It Up, Anyway

Russia’s Rostec Developing Single-engine Manned-Unmanned 5-Gen Fighter Jet

Russia adds firepower to Kaliningrad exclave citing NATO threat

Russia Set to Receive First Serially-Produced Su-57

Russia’s Su-57 Jet is ‘More Stealthy’ with New Air Intake Grille

Nagorno Karabakh:

During the I Karabakh War of 1992-1994 both Armenia and Azerbaijan claimed lots of 'MiG-25' shot downs. But most of jets were either L-39s or Su-25s

German fighter jets intercept Russian IL-20 surveillance plane

Blue Aerospace snaps up six Spanish Air Force Hercules aircraft

Macron says France will sell arms to Egypt irrespective of human rights

Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier HMS Prince of Wales Stranded in Portsmouth for Six Months After Second Flooding

UK gears up for huge vaccination plan watched by the world

Colombia Considers the Ultimate Strike Against Cartels: Legalizing Cocaine

Chinese probe orbiting moon with Earth-bound samples

4 Of India's Most-Wanted Insurgent Leaders In China In October: Report

Is China Reinforcing its Position in Himalayas Along Disputed Borders?

China building villages near disputed India border, report says

China's manmade islands in the South China Sea are vulnerable to attack and may not be worth much in a war

New PLAN hospital ship deploys to the South China Sea

Chinese Navy Demos Air-Dropped Anti-Submarine Guided Depth Charge

China prepares large-scale rollout of coronavirus vaccines

Taiwan reportedly buying 300 more Patriot missiles from US

Taiwan aiming to complete upgrade of 22 F-16A/B fighters by end of 2020

Myanmar: The Price Of Peace

Japan to put new Aegis radars on warships after cancelling ground stations: Asahi

North Korea claims Japan rearming to realize 'old ambitions'

Guam: Camp Blaz is the first new USMC base in nearly 70 years

Pentagon responds to release of photograph taken by Navy pilot showing an unidentified object

NSA Warns of Russian Hackers, Urges Patching of Defense Systems

Secrets of the CIA: from fake town where spooks learn to survive torture to secret museum & mind control experiments

CIA officer suffered crippling symptoms in Moscow. Was it 'Havana Syndrome'?

79th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack honored in virtual ceremony

Space Force Should Hire Commercial Tracking Services ASAP: 2021 NDAA

A Failure To Communicate

US Army orders 36 Block III Shadow UAS from Textron

U.S. Marine Corps’ Light Armored Vehicles to receive new self-sealing fuel tanks

Navy Asks Shipbuilders: Can You Build Us a Warship for Just $100 Million?

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