Af/Pak & Other News (1/17/2013)

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Jan 17, 2013, 12:32:57 PM1/17/13
Pakistan's anticorruption board refuses to arrest prime minister, but
cleric keeps pressure on:

Pakistanis pile bodies outside governor's house in protest:

Firebrand cleric raises fear of "soft coup" in Pakistan:

U.S. Military Stops Sending Detainees to Some Afghan Prisons on Rights

NATO Planners Look to Enduring Force in Afghanistan:

US Envoy Says Taliban Peace Process Stuck:

Pakistan politician Manzar Imam shot dead in Karachi:

Tradition Is Killing The Future:

India mulls huge rise in French Rafale combat jet order, may buy up to
189 jets in multi-billion dollar deal:

Sixteen killed in third day of deadly Iraq attacks:

PM: Turkey to pursue armed Kurdish rebels:

U.S. Shoots Down Secret Report That Syria Used a Hallucinogen Weapon:

Syrian activists report 106 killed in raid on civilians, call for UN

FBI director in Libya for Benghazi investigation talks:

Algerian forces launch operation to break desert siege:

Some Algeria hostages made to wear explosives -French TV:

How Islamist groups seized control in Mali:

This Is The Arsenal Hitting Mali’s Militants:

Mali towns marked by fighting, airstrikes as France battles Islamist

Sea piracy falls to 5-year low as Somali gangs retreat:

Alleged Russian crime boss killed in Moscow:

Swedish government approves 60-aircraft Gripen E programme:

Hackers Disrupt Mexican Defense Ministry’s Website:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Too Many Targets:

This Simple Ship Could Let the Chinese Navy Circle the Globe:

U.S. Minesweeper Runs Aground in Philippines:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Japan, US fighter planes in joint drill: official:

China-Taiwan undersea cable set to open: state media:

North Korean crackers hit South Korean hacks:

Secret Nuclear Redesign Will Keep U.S. Subs Running Silently for 50

Bell Helicopter Delivers 100th H-1 Helicopter to the US Marine Corps:

Rockwell, DARPA Advance In Embedding GPS On Smaller UAV, Items:

Lockheed Martin Receives U.S. Air Force Approval for Sniper Pod Full-
Rate Production Under ATP-SE Program:

Deception Is Futile When Big Brother’s Lie Detector Turns Its Eyes on

Raytheon Awarded $12.3 Million Contract tor HARM Upgrade:

Surveillance Strategy Is ‘Privileged and Confidential,’ FBI Says:

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