Af/Pak & Other News (9/8/2012)

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Sep 8, 2012, 9:06:35 PM9/8/12
Six people, including young children, die in suicide bomb attack on
Afghan NATO HQ:

Prince Harry: Why the Ministry of Defence dumped news blackout
strategy for his second Afghanistan tour:

A Glance at the Pakistan-Based Haqqani Network:

US State Department evades issue of Pakistan's links to Haqqani

Haqqani network: Terrorist designation adds to captured GI's 'woes':

Army builds up Raven fleet:

The Silence:

Army Focuses on Reducing Suicides:

MQ9 Reaper Enhances Capabilities with new ‘Block I Plus’

Southern Yemen clashes kill 6:

Insiders suspected in Saudi cyber attack:

5 dead as bombs strike Syrian capital of Damascus:

Syrian troops storm Damascus refugee area, chase rebels:

Syria crisis: Daraya massacre leaves a ghost town still counting its

“Flight Guard” for protecting VIP and military mission aircraft:

Netanyahu 'lost his temper,' reprimanded U.S. envoy over Iran, says

The Haze of Illiteracy in Libya:

Libya: Big Brother Has The Neatest Toys:

Russia to probe into video of low-flying Su-24:

4 dead in Mi-35 crash in Dagestan:

Rheinmetall Airborne Systems Unveils Hybrid UAV Design at ILA:

YouTube: Mi-8 buzzed highway too:

Laser-Guided Sidewinder (LaGS) for Air-to-Surface Missions of Combat

Latest Shefex Shot Keeps Germany In Hot Pursuit:

Technology start-ups recruited for spy gadgets:

US Flagged Ship Seized in Venezuela, Captain Arrested:

KRI Klewang – First Stealthy Trimaran Patrol Vessel for the Indonesian

Why The Military Wants Robots With Legs (Not To Run Faster Than Usain

ESA observatory breaks world quantum teleportation record:

New Sensors Help Smaller Forces Dominate Wide Areas:

The Air Force’s Bug-Eyed Plan for New Spy Gear:

Three Good Things About Drones…:

Ex-Hacker Headlines Military Cyberwarfare Conference:

U.S. Navy LPD Program Could Be Shipbuilding Model:

Raytheon successfully tests HARM upgrades:

Radar-blinding Raytheon decoy starts rolling off assembly line:


Sep 8, 2012, 10:26:33 PM9/8/12
On Sat, 8 Sep 2012 18:06:35 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

>Prince Harry: Why the Ministry of Defence dumped news blackout
>strategy for his second Afghanistan tour:

Ignoring the blindingly obvious, which is what that story is, the
reason he's there is that if he doesn't go he might as well do what
his great uncle, no, his granny's cousin (whatever that's called),
did and resign from the army because he won't get any respect from
anyone if every time his unit is deployed he's 'retained for
ceremonial duties'.

Andrew Swallow

Sep 9, 2012, 3:37:34 AM9/9/12
Lets hope things are quieter in Afghanistan now.

If he is still a suicide bomber magnet at least we know their
destination. It is easier to secure one base than an entire country.

Andrew Swallow
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