Af/Pak & Other News (3/24/2021)

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Mar 24, 2021, 2:20:49 PM3/24/21
Taliban Rejects Afghan President's Proposal For New Election

US failed to collect reimbursements from Afghanistan coalition partners for years, IG finds

$88 billion and 20 years later, the Afghan security forces are still no match for the Taliban

Yet to see a change in Taliban’s posture: Afghan NSA Hamdullah Mohib

Son of slain Afghan commander Massoud warns of 'civil war' if US troops leave hastily

Assassinations Silence Afghanistan’s Intellectuals

US weighs temporary bombing halt in Afghanistan to spur peace talks

For Navy, 6 nuclear-powered submarines take priority over 3rd aircraft carrier

The Iran-China Axis Is A Fast Growing Force In Oil Markets

Iran says it made five major military improvements last year

Iran's IRGC to receive semi-heavy indigenous submarines

Iranian IRGC Navy says it monitors US signals in Gulf

Iran’s alleged suicide boat plot against Washington DC is far-fetched as hell

White House confirms new round of talks with Iraq on US troop presence

ADASI EDGE unveils UAE-made Scorpio-S multirole small UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Saudi Arabia, Greece join forces for Falcon Eye 1 exercise in East Med

Saudi ceasefire plan unlikely to pause Yemen war: analysts

Saudi-led coalition clears four fuel ships to dock at Yemen's Hodeidah port -sources

Ten years on from the Syrian uprising, what has prevented an end to the tragedy?

Israeli Strikes Hit Hamas Positions in Gaza: Military

Israeli SMART SHOOTER to Prototype Weapon for Pentagon’s Irregular Warfare Directorate

Suez Canal Update as Map Shows How Stuck Container Ship Has Blocked Sea Traffic

France to reopen Libyan embassy in show of support for interim government

Tracking Arms Transfers By The UAE, Russia, Jordan And Egypt To The Libyan National Army Since 2014

Libya’s eastern region hands power to UN-backed interim government

Senegal accepts CN235-220 maritime patrol aircraft from Indonesia

Somalia: Out Of Many, None

Nigeria’s JF-17 Thunder fighter jet arrives home

Analysis: Is the IS group returning to the Niger-Mali border?

Russia has begun spaceplane project, says Soviet shuttle designer

Shipyard director arrested for embezzling money allocated for the repair of Admiral Kuznetsov

Russian Radar System Counters Small, ‘Silent’ Combat Drones

Augmented reality helmet for Su-57 undergoes trials

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Russian Air Power* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) with Guy Plopsky: Part 1- How good is Russian air force training?

Russia's Putin signs bill to lift age limits for top officials

Navalny Health 'Deteriorating' In Prison

Azerbaijan: Russia The Peace Maker

Small But Deadly - Turkish Fast Attack Craft In Service With Turkmenistan

How an alleged Russian spy ring stole NATO and EU secrets from Bulgaria

Germany Freezes TLVS Plans, Opts For Patriot Upgrade

French Naval Ships Offered to Greece

France, U.S., others participate in Group Arabian Sea Warfare Exercise

The RAF will retire its entire fleet of 76 Hawk T1 trainers but the Red Arrows are saved by sponsorship deals

New UK naval shipbuilding strategy prizes keeping foreign yards out

MoD Official: U.K. ‘Would be Mad to Ignore’ Working with Allied F-35B Capable Carriers

Marshall ‘surprised' at speed of UK C-130 retirement, warns of job losses

Irish Air Corps pilots to be trained in the US

British surface fleet to get land attack missiles

Inside The UK’s Integrated Defense Review

Special Report: Brazil’s military fails in key mission - halting Amazon deforestation

US officials say migrants are being told to come to the border. Here's what they're hearing from smugglers and from Russia

South China Sea: Beijing has extended another Spratly Islands reef, photos show

Two Chinese Survey Ships are Probing a Strategic Section of the Indian Ocean

Navy Admiral nominated to lead Pacific forces says China’s nuclear stockpile is “increasing at a rate that is faster than anyone previously believed”

China Is ‘Danger Close’ to US in AI Race, DOD AI Chief Says

How a Chinese missile turned US military strategy on its head

China threat to invade Taiwan is 'closer than most think', says US admiral

Military Takeover of Taiwan Is Top Concern for INDOPACOM Nominee Aquilino

North Korea conducted new missile tests, ignoring US overtures

South Korea: LIG Nex1 delivers EW self-protection system prototype for KF-X fighter aircraft

Japan commissions JS Toryu, its Second Submarine Running on Li-Ion Batteries

Five companies shortlisted for Australian naval UAV deal

Rocket Lab launches Army satellite

Martin UAV V-Bat's maritime success continues with Canada DRDC programme

Ex-UFO Pentagon program chief outlines 'compelling' UFO theories and 'unique' vehicle characteristics

Elon Musk's Controversial Take on Aliens Has Started a Blurry UFO Footage War on Twitter

National Guard troops ambushed at gunpoint while transporting coronavirus vaccine, police say

Recent Cyber Attacks Show Increased Nation State Activity, Says Former NSA Director

Pentagon's Joint AI Center Director Urges Faster Adoption of Technology

Multiple Destroyers Were Swarmed By Mysterious 'Drones' Off California Over Numerous Nights

Mystery Drones Kept Buzzing U.S. Destroyers During Exercises Off California

U.S., China Engaged in 'Superpower Marathon'

‘Land Forces Are Hard To Kill’: Army Chief Unveils Pacific Strategy

Army Develops New Plasma-Treated Nanoparticles For Future Weapons

A Marine F-35B Fighter Jet Accidentally Shot Itself With Its Own Gun Pod

F-16XL: The F-16 with hardpoints for 27 weapons

US is spending $15B on hypersonic weapons, report reveals

This is the New High-Speed Propulsion System the DoD and Norway are Working On

Here’s who will compete head-to-head to build the next homeland missile defense interceptor

Northrop-Grumman’s Sky Viper Chain Gun May Get A Shot At The Army’s FARA Helicopter

Report to Congress on Gerald R. Ford Carrier Program

The Navy Recovered This Sunken Seahawk Helicopter From Three-And-A-Half Miles Below The Sea

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