Af/Pak & Other News (2/12/2021)

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Feb 12, 2021, 6:49:42 PM2/12/21
Biden facing 'serious dilemmas' on Afghan troop withdrawal: US official

Analysis: What Happened When The Taliban Visited Turkmenistan?

Pakistan test-fires surface-to-surface cruise missile, third test in 3 weeks

Russian, Chinese, U.S. Navies Participate In Pakistan's Aman-2021 Exercises

Dam Agreement Highlights India’s Soft Power Gambit in Afghanistan

India: The Tejas Tragedy

The Farmers' Protests Are a Turning Point for India's Democracy—and the World Can No Longer Ignore That

Indian Army has leased four Heron UAVs

On Revolution Anniversary, Analysts Blame Iran’s Islamist Ideology for National Decline

Iran’s nuclear non-compliance risks deal, warn UK, France, Germany

Attacking a Nuclear Iran: Lessons from Israel’s 1981 Attack on Iraq

Inside the covert mission that sent Delta Force and British SAS deep behind Iraqi lines in search of Saddam's missiles

Controversial game ‘Six Days In Fallujah’ about the bloodiest battle of the Iraq War is back in production

Saudi-Led Coalition Thwarted Two Drones and a Ballistic Missile Launched by Yemen's Houthis -State Media

Yemen's Houthis say they hit Saudi Abha Airport, King Khalid air base with drones

Yemen rocked by heavy clashes amid stark UN starvation warning

Biden is tackling the Yemen crisis with "urgency," but Iran won't make it easy

Sea Trials Commence for Turkey's First Armed Unmanned Vessel, ULAQ

Iranian official arrested in Istanbul over dissident's killing: sources

Turkish-Ukrainian Corvette Deal to be Signed in April

ISIS Ambushes Syrian Army Patrol, Kills 26 Regime Troops

US-led airstrikes kill 12 Iran-backed terrorists in Syria

Lebanon: Fatal Fun

Jordan to found F-16 air combat training centre

A Group Of Israelis Secretly Built And Tested Suicide Drones For An Unknown Asian Customer

IDF bases have become easy pickings for thieves

Iran is strategic threat, battle with Hezbollah more likely - analysis

Elbit to export Iron Fist system to the Netherlands

Al-Watiya - From A Libyan Super Base To Turkish Air Base

Kenya Air Force receives first C-145 aircraft

Ukraine’s President Finally Flexes His Muscles; Volodymyr Zelensky is taking on his country’s pro-Russian media machine. But can he emerge victorious?

US, Europe accuse Russia of blocking Ukraine war solutions

Kalashnikov AKV-521 semi-automatic carbine

Russia's New Helicopter-Transportable Armored Buggy Looks Like A Plague Doctor Mobile

Russia Threatens To Cut Ties With EU If Sanctions Are Imposed Over Jailing Of Navalny

Russian Media Ordered To Delete Reports On Planned 'Flashlight' Protest

Facing a light show of love for Navalny, Russia warns against "unsanctioned" courtyard protests

Georgia developing indigenous surveillance and strike UAS

European Defence Agency Rough-terrain Transport UGV Swarm project kicks off

Armenian-Made Kamikaze Drones Undergoing Tests

Polish F-35 Jets to Be Stationed At Lask Air Base in Central Poland

Bomb making equipment and Isis flag found during police raids in Denmark and Germany

French armed forces taps Airbus for fixed-wing maritime drone system

UK aircraft and US nuclear sub work together near Falklands

The Royal Navy Keeps Shrinking—Frigates To Drop By Three Over Five Years

Royal Air Force C-17 declares an emergency in the air

Columbia: There’s One Place In The World Where AC-47 Spooky Gunships Still Fly

China surprises India with its speed, moves out 200+ tanks from Pangong Tso

China Reveals its First Assessment of Biden as President

France wades into the South China Sea with a nuclear attack submarine

KAI releases new images of its armed MUH-1 helicopter variant

Philippines' Duterte tells U.S. 'you have to pay' if it wants to keep troop deal

Japan's sub collision with Chinese ship: Increasing Tensions

Japan-South Korea dispute may get worse

Submarine Lithium batteries may be safer than Lead-acid

Canadian Coast Guard to deploy MartinUAV’s V-BAT drone

What flies in the air, zips through the ocean, and splits in two? Investigating the Aguadilla UFO incident

UFOs over Utah? Elon Musk project mistaken for extraterrestrial visitors

Impeachment trial moves into Senate questions: How to watch and stream now

Mike Pence’s Close Shave With Nuclear Football at Capitol Only Realized by Military When They Saw It on TV

How Biden is allowing Chinese govt. to quietly creep onto U.S. college campuses

State Department Declassified a Report About Cuba’s ‘Sonic Weapon’

Let the good times roll: A Marine lieutenant is getting kicked out for trying to sell Ecstasy at Camp Lejeune

Army deploying 222 soldiers to LA to support COVID-19 vaccine effort

The Iconic Learjet Will Come To An End After Six Decades Of Defining Private Air Travel

X-20 Dyna-Soar: America’s hypersonic space bomber

Confederate Military Base Names Just Met Their Gettysburg

U.S. Air Force to stand down, review extremism in its ranks

Former NSA director, retired top officers ask Supreme Court to declare military draft unconstitutional

Major Breakthrough in Quantum Electronic Warfare Achieved by Army Research

Super Bowl Flyover Offered A Glimpse Of A Future Where Multiple Bomber Types Join Forces In Combat

CMMC: Stopping Cyber Espionage Like Chinese Theft of F-35 Data

Space Force begins adding cyber warriors

MDA Reopens Search For Powerful Laser Interceptor

SDA to launch several demonstration satellites in 2021

DARPA Space Manufacturing Project Sparks Controversy

The tiny tech lab that put AI on a spyplane has another secret project

JLTV can be configured as self-propelled mortar carrier with SPEAR 120mm

IM-SHORAD system completes testing on White Sands Missile Range

Army Bolstering Weapons Portfolio

Marines Want Lighter Anti-Tank Weapons: M1A1 Abrams Replacements

Why the U.S. Marines Want to Ditch Their Tanks

Kaman plans flight tests of optionally piloted K-Max in first half of 2021

The Air Force Wants Throwable 'Micro-Robots' for Room Reconnaissance

All-female crew flies KC-46 tanker for first time

U.S. Air Force ponies up $1B to upgrade new HH-60W rescue helicopter

Large Drones Find New Tactics to Avoid Being Shot Down

Secretive New Skunk works UAS Set For Ground Testing Soon

The Five Most Important Facts About The F-35 Fighter

An engine shortage is the newest problem to hit the F-35 enterprise

Q&A with a former F-14 Tomcat RIO: Dave "Bio" Baranek answers your questions

Obscure 23-Year Old Navy SAM Was So Ahead Of Its Time That It's Still In High Demand Today

US Navy Wants AI-Assisted Sonar System for Improved Submarine Tracking

Navy Finally Confirms Its Trident Missile Test Was What People Saw Off Florida This Week

Report to Congress on John Lewis-class Oiler Program

DARPA Building An Energy-Harvesting Submarine That Never Runs Out Of Power

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