Af/Pak & Other News (10/15/2021)

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Oct 15, 2021, 12:52:32 PM10/15/21
Suicide attack on Shiite mosque in Afghanistan kills 47

Ep. 57 — The Emperor Was Nude All Along

IS Fighters Massing in Northern Afghanistan, Says Putin Ahead of Talks

Former Afghanistan interpreter reveals what it’s like living under Taliban

The real reason European countries are upset about the US's withdrawal from Afghanistan

Afghan Ambassador to U.S. Says Taliban Struggling to Govern a ‘Drastically’ Different Country

Violence Undermines China’s Plans in Afghanistan, Risks Luring it Into Quagmire

Pakistan Army Air Defense commissions HQ-9/P air defense missile system into service

Pakistan's ISI held confidential meeting with terror outfits to plan attacks in J&K, target Kashmiri Pandits

Team Biden finally acknowledges it needs a Plan B for Iran

Leak highlights family tied to 9/11 hijackers, sheds light on royals immersed in Florida real estate

Turkey: Questionable Alliances At Home And Abroad

Turkey, Philippines Discuss Attack Helicopters, Amphibious Vehicles Delivery

Are Putin and Erdogan doing territorial swaps in Syria again?

Russia says Israel used 2 civilian airliners as cover to carry out Syria strike

Deadly Beirut clashes fuel fears of security collapse

Elbit demos electronic warfare system on Area-I Altius-600 air-launched effect


Nigerian state is acquiring Turkish armed drone

A-NSE tethered aerostats to safeguard Ivory Coast border

South African ministers 'held hostage' during meeting with veterans

In 1985 an SH 37 Viggen in reconnaissance mission performed aerobatic manoeuvres at low altitude to shake off two Soviet Su-15s. One of the Flagons crashed.

GROM – Poland’s Tier 1 Special Operations Unit

Could Half-Carriers Make A Comeback In The Drone Era?

U.S. Forces Granted Access to 4 Additional Bases in Greece Under Expanded Deal

Long-endurance Zephyr flights edge type towards operational use

French partners develop water-launched naval UAV

Royal Navy drone boat launches missile

Mexican Non-Profit Finds Kids As Young As 13 Recruited by Drug Cartels, Some to Kill

Chinese media returns fire in info war with video of ‘captured Indians’

JF-17 To Become Most Widely Operated Chinese Combat Aircraft In Service By 2023

China set to send three astronauts to new space station

Australia’s ageing submarine fleet could still be operating in 2050s while waiting for nuclear boats

Defects Found in $812 million South Korean Global Hawk UAVs

Philippine Air Force Receives US ScanEagle Drones, More Black Hawks

NSA to Pentagon: Lock Down Your Weapons Before Hackers Get to Them

Scheller, Marine who criticized Afghanistan withdrawal, sentenced to reprimand, forfeiture of $5K in pay

Scanned By A Laser Beam From The Sky In California Recently? Here's What Did It

Hackers targeted US drinking water and wastewater facilities as recently as August, Homeland Security says

Pentagon orders all civilian employees to be fully vaccinated by Nov. 22

Subterranean Showdown: DARPA Pushes Underground Robots to Their Limit

US Navy says sailors who refuse vaccine will be expelled

The military has a suicide crisis. Its leaders bear most of the blame

New Tracked Unmanned Vehicle Bristles With A Whopping 50 Switchblade Suicide Drones

Ex-CIA officer: US could fall behind China in space satellite wars

US Army to Stage Largest Robot Tank Experiment Ever

FARA Farce: What The Army Didn’t Learn From The F-35

Numerica Spyglass radar selected to support US Army C-sUAS High Energy Laser prototype program

The future Marine Rifle Squad as explained by a machine gunner

F-16 training area at Holloman AFB expanded by 93%

F-35 Engine Rivals Prepare For Another Clash

Report to Congress on Columbia-class Ballistic Missile Submarine Program

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