Af/Pak & Other News (12/17/2021)

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Dec 17, 2021, 1:27:04 PM12/17/21
Former Ghani adviser says Afghan leaders didn't see "writing on the wall" of U.S. withdrawal

Taliban prepare new Afghan budget without foreign aid

Taliban appeal again for UN seat after Afghan ambassador quits

More Than 300,000 Afghans Flee to Pakistan Since Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

Afghans push through snowy Alps toward new lives in Europe

Drone strike on Pakistani Taliban leader fails to explode, Taliban sources say

After AUKUS snub, France to offer critical nuclear submarine tech to India?

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands: New Delhi’s Bulwark in the Indian Ocean

Iran more than doubles Revolutionary Guard’s budget in FY22 bill

Iran nuke talks adjourn, Europeans say pause disappointing

Nuclear watchdog casts doubt on Iranian claims over missing footage

US sees Iran nuclear breakout time as really short-senior official

A fragile partnership in Iraq tries to prevent IS revival

Saudi signs for further AWACS upgrade

Yemen’s Houthis Seek Departure of Top Iranian Diplomat

Holding ex-Islamic State members in Syria not sustainable, says thinktank

Egypt Air defence strengthened with IRIS-T SLM acquisition

Egypt is negotiating with Italy about Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master aircraft

Egyptian Politician Hacked by 2 Government Hacking Groups, Researchers Say

Somalia: Missing In Action

Russia continues to amass new troops near Ukraine's border despite Biden urging Putin to de-escalate tensions

Ukraine receives new equipment

On the Ukraine frontline: 'Only the dead aren't afraid' – video

Video: On Ukrainian frontline, Russian troop build-up reports spark concerns

To Hide From Ukraine’s Drones, Russian Troops Could Lay Smoke Screens

Diplomacy Is ‘No Longer Sufficient’ To Prevent Russian Escalation, Lithuanian Defense Chief Says

A Russian court document mentioned Russian troops "stationed" in eastern Ukraine. Moscow insists there are none.

Russia sets out tough demands for security pact with NATO

All-out war or ‘creeping occupation’ among Putin options, says Ukraine MoD

Russia is 'a power in decline' but still poses a military threat, NATO chief says

Russian Amphibious Ships to Get Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Second of Russia’s troubled Lada-class subs starts trials 3 years after launch

A domestic newspaper warns of the Russian space program’s “rapid collapse”

‘This a Third World War': Russian official declares cyberwar already ‘in full swing’

Airbus Just Delivered The Last A380 Super Jumbo Jet

Naval Group Lays Keel for the French Navy's First FDI Frigate

UK: More detail emerges on purchase of 61 new ‘interceptor boats’

China and Russia show solidarity, but likely won't support each other militarily, analysts say

China-Russia Collaboration in Space Poses Challenge for West

SECNAV Del Toro Sounds Alarm Over Chinese Illegal Fishing

New Chinese Aerial Tanker Goes To Sea

KAI awarded contract to deliver four Baekdu-II ISR aircraft systems to the RoKAF

Finnish armored vehicle prototype spotted testing in Japan

Prank calls, tapped phones, and KGB killers: What we learned so far from the 1,500 new JFK assassination files

At Least 458 U.S. Crimes Tied to Extremism Involved Veterans, Active Duty Troops

Former US defense contractor arrested for attempting to spy for Russia

Orbital Insight to build AI for intelligence community based on artificial data

General Electric concludes Phase 1 testing of second XA100 engine

Homestead Air Reserve Base was evacuated after a Mk 82 fell off from F-16 and rolled close to other bombs

Aerospace And Defense In 2022: What To Watch For

This Army Reservist’s Formula Predicts the Inside Layout of Buildings from Satellite Photos

The T-7 takes shape: Inside the factory where the Air Force’s next trainer is being built

Interoperability demo planned between DARPA’s Blackjack and PredaSAR satellites

This is the Marine Corps’ wish list for its next high-tech recon vehicle

Special Operations C-130 Hits Target With A 'Rapid Dragon' Pallet-Dropped Cruise Missile

The Navy is rusting away thanks to a crushing deployment cycle

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