Af/Pak & Other News (9/25/2021)

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Sep 25, 2021, 10:31:53 PM9/25/21
How Afghanistan’s security forces lost the war

What is the future of Afghanistan under Taliban rule?

Was the Taliban’s Top Political Leader Sidelined After a Gunfight?

Pentagon Says It Will Not Clear Anti-Terrorist Airstrikes in Afghanistan with Taliban

Afghanistan: Inside the prison staffed by former inmates released by the Taliban

Taliban form 11 new rules to curb Afghan media content

Afghan Resistance Mulls Formation of Government in Exile

Radical leader of Pakistan’s Red Mosque emboldened by Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Pakistan Thinks It Has Just Scored a Huge Strategic Victory – The Reality Is Far Different

Tajik Authorities Concerned About Taliban Plots To Infiltrate From Afghanistan

India inks deal with Airbus for 56 C295 tactical airlifters

Under U.S. sanctions, Iran and Venezuela strike oil export deal

Arab Coalition destroys Houthi missile targeting Najran, two others land in Hajjah

Turkey flexes military muscles with drone display at Istanbul’s Teknofest

Erdoğan says Turkey plans to buy another Russian defense system

Syrian Government Takes Opposition Town After Weeks Of Siege

Russian warplanes strike Turkey-backed rebels in northern Syria: report

Who is out to get the judge in charge of Lebanon port explosion probe?

A Guide To Nigeria’s Military Drones

Could Somalia Be the Next Afghanistan?

Mali approaches 'Russian private companies,' slams France at UN

Top Russian diplomat defends mercenaries’ presence in Mali

Mobilised For War: Ethiopia’s Russian 2S19 Msta SPGs

Russia to Start Construction of New Project 22350M Frigate in 2024

Russia’s Military Boosts Electromagnetic Spectrum Capability

Russia’s Putin praises elections as hundreds protest results

Russia's Communists lead protests over 'colossal' vote fraud

The Russian election was supposed to shore up Putin’s legitimacy. It achieved the opposite.

What’s Behind the Crimea Pipeline Attack?

Former Spy Assassinated with Radioactive Green Tea in Russian Plot, Court Rules

Italian Allure - Turkmenistan’s M-346 Combat Jets

Did Joe Biden Just Give a Green Light To An EU Army?

China's J-16D Electronic Attack Jet Seen Sporting Jamming Pods For The First Time

China Is a Declining Power—and That’s the Problem

China Aims for a Permanent Moon Base in the 2030s

China’s Big New Twin-Jet Long-Endurance Armed Combat Drone Emerges

Vietnam: Israeli Spy Sat Wins A Competition

Canadians, Chinese executive return home in prisoner swap

'A total lack of focus': Lawmaker on a mission to compel Pentagon to take UFOs seriously

Anti-Gravity Tech? NASA, DARPA, and MIT Debate the Future of Propulsion

Area 51 Engineer Reveals The Secrets Behind the Mysterious Base

The Last Of 17 B-1B Bombers Slated For Early Retirement Has Arrived At The Boneyard

FBI Investigating Reported Assault of Female U.S. Service Member By Afghan Evacuees

US military eyes prototype mobile nuclear reactor in Idaho

Here are the cheap counter-drone solutions DoD tested in the Arizona desert

Flying & Fighting in the OH-58D: Interview with OH-58D Kiowa combat veteran

How the U.S. Army Is Turning Robots Into Team Players

US Army mints deal with Dynetics to build system to counter drones and cruise missiles

Could solar panels in space power Army operations on Earth?

Rolls Royce Will Provide Long-Awaited New Jet Engines For The B-52 Bomber Fleet

RC-26 ‘Has Run its Useful Life,’ But Keeping it Around Costs Air National Guard $30 Million Per Year

First Navy F-5 Aggressor Begins Upgrade That Will Make The Entire Fleet Far More Potent

US Navy’s Latest Plan for Its Future May Not Come Until 2023, Says Top Admiral

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