Af/Pak & Other News (7/3/2012)

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Jul 3, 2012, 8:46:04 PM7/3/12
Pakistan to let trucks roll into Afghanistan after Clinton apologizes
for US airstrike:

Afghan suicide car bomb kills at least seven: officials:

Saudi al Qaeda commander confirmed killed in Kunar airstrike:

Indian navy computers stormed by malware-ridden USBs:

Iran arrests 2 Azerbaijan nationals as spies:

Iran says it test-fires missiles in war of nerves:

US sends ships, planes to Persian Gulf as tension mounts:

4 AQAP fighters killed in drone strike in southern Yemen:

Iraq bombs kill 40; officials eye security bribes:

Turkish warplanes bomb Kurdish hideouts in northern Iraq:

'Syria downed Turkish jet with Iran-made weapon':,7340,L-4248375,00.html

Rights group: Syria's 20 ways to torture prove its crimes against

US Military Confronts Nightmare Scenario Of Syrian Collapse:

Syrian army attacks rebels, Turkey scrambles F16s:,0,1984433.story

Arafat poisoned by polonium - report:

Dutch navy catches pirates who attacked Turkish vessel:

Al-Qaida linked fighters destroy 'end of the world' gate in Timbuktu:

Two Missing After RAF Tornado Jets Crash:

Czech army’s CASA planes fail anti-missile tests:

German Eurofighters impress during Red Flag debut :

F-35 Base-Sharing Plan Defuses Spat Between Italy’s AF, Navy:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

MBDA shows planned MMP production configuration:

'In the line of fire': UK confirms 6 London Olympic missile defense

VIDEO: Clean-up begins after Brazilian Mirage flyby goes awry:

China Counters U.S. Tilt Toward Asia:

Russian general says Chinese warhead arsenal larger, more lethal than
U.S. estimates:

Philippines Downplays Request for U.S. Surveillance Drones:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Special-mission helicopter manufacturers prepare to do battle:

Feds Look to Fight Leaks With ‘Fog of Disinformation’:

Pressure Vests Not Cure-All to F-22 Oxygen Problems:

Rare dual engine failure lead to F/A-18D crash:

DARPA taps three for to build smallsat launchers:

Pentagon’s Brain-Powered Videogames Might Treat PTSD:

Did CNO just take a big swipe at F-35?:

Rogers: National-Security Leaks ‘Probably the Most Damaging’ in U.S.

C-27J to turn "Spooky" at Farnborough:

USAF Resumes C-130 Aircraft Ops After Firefighting Crash:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

USS WASP and the Great Green Fleet:

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