Af/Pak & Other News (8/23/2021)

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I served in Afghanistan as a US Marine, twice. Here’s the truth in two sentences

Deadly firefight erupts at Kabul airport as evacuation chaos continues into second week

Amid Kabul evacuation chaos, Biden under pressure to extend deadline

Taliban reject extended evacuation, “the answer is no. Or there would be consequences”

Taliban May Have Inherited ‘Hundreds’ of Missiles From Ex-Government

Some Concerned Islamic State Might Target Crowds at Kabul Airport, Fire Missiles at Planes

US government has withdrawn 'intelligence footprint' from Afghanistan: Hoffman

Afghan staff at U.S. Embassy losing faith in evacuation efforts, diplomatic cable says

The Taliban issued a death sentence to the brother of an Afghan interpreter who helped the US, despite saying it won't seek revenge

NATO’s European Leaders Also Blamed for Kabul Debacle

UK struggles for influence as Afghan crisis strains US ties

Given To Afghanistan, Captured By The Taliban: Equipment The U.S. Army Left Behind

Anti-Taliban resistance group says it has thousands of fighters

Taliban Says ‘Hundreds’ of Fighters Head For Holdout Valley Panjshir

Taliban retake three northern districts seized by Afghan militias

Japan dispatching C-2, C-130s to Afghanistan

Homegrown app helping Kabul residents steer clear of danger

Embedded With the Last Afghan Special Forces Team in Mazar-i-Sharif

'Was it worth it?': Pain and anger inside Pentagon after Afghanistan crumbles

Analysis: China, Pakistan, India jockey for position in Afghanistan's new Great Game

Israeli weapons were used extensively in Afghanistan

Pakistan is relocating India-centric terror camps to Afghanistan

India buys 70,000 AK203 assault rifles off the shelf from Russia

U-UAP presented Ka-226T Climber at the "Army" forum

New Weapons, Electronics Proposed in Indian Order for New Su-30MKI Jets

Iran resumes fuel exports to Afghanistan after Taliban request, union says

How Iran Helped Houthis Expand Their Reach

Iran is ready to ship more fuel to Lebanon if needed, says Iranian official

Iran to unveil new variant of Bavar-373 missile air defense system to outperform S-400

Russia, Iran and China to hold joint drills in Gulf -RIA

Turkish Bombardment Kills Two in Iraq: Local Official

Turkish Aerospace Industries displays Hürjet fighter

Turkey, Pakistan sign agreement to jointly produce Anka UAVs

USAF F-15E Strike Eagle shot down Iranian drone over Syria after flying ‘too close’ to US troops

Gaza balloons spark at least 9 fires in Israel; another border rally planned

Following Spain’s refusal, Russian Navy ships anchored off the coast of Algeria

In Central Africa, Russia Won the War—but It’s Losing the Peace; Putin’s pursuit of influence, arms sales, and mercenary meddling in the Central African Republic has left Moscow mired in a quagmire.

Russia Unveils New Export Missile For Attack Helos

Kalashnikov introduces modular AKV-521 carbine

Russia says Turkey could sign new S-400 missile contract soon

The story of Russian President Vladimir Putin ride in a Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack during a tactical exercise involving the launch of Kh-555 cruise missiles

The Mysterious Maritime Mass Spoofer

‘The OSINT Bunker’ – Episode 12 released

Watch Chinese troops deploy a HQ-12 air defense missile system

The YJ-18 ASCM Expands China’s A2AD Strategy

Where Have All The Soldiers Gone

To Invade Taiwan, The Chinese Navy Could Mobilize The World’s Biggest Transport Fleet

South Korea wary of US plan to use military bases to process Afghan evacuees as withdrawal ignites debate

The Extraordinary Power of Japan's Sixth-Gen F-X Fighter Jet

Singapore Offers U.S. Some Military Transport Planes to Help With Afghanistan Evacuation

Why won't the Pentagon show us UFO videos that 'gob-smacked' Congress?

US Army works to mesh Rainmaker data fabric into ITN systems

DARPA’s ‘guided bullets’ are a sniper’s dream

The US military may soon declassify a secret space weapon

US Army fires first Iron Dome interceptor in test

US Army to deploy 4 DE M-SHORAD laser equipped Stryker prototypes in 2022

Stingray refuels Advanced Hawkeye in latest aerial trials

The Navy is trying to get rid of its cruisers again, but it's heading for another fight over their fate

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