Af/Pak & Other News (3/25/2021)

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Mar 25, 2021, 12:41:02 PM3/25/21
US ‘exploring keeping’ counterterrorism troops in Afghanistan

Biden Desperate for Last-Ditch Afghan Deal Before Admitting He’ll Miss Trump’s Withdrawal Deadline

IAEA: Reviving Nuclear Deal With Iran ‘Impossible’

Silent Shooters: New Report Challenges How Iranian Nuclear Scientist Was Assassinated

Lawmakers Investigate State Department Over $1 Billion Ransom Payment to Iran

Iran fired missile at Israeli ship in Arabian Sea - report

MBDA cruise missile falls short in Iraq

Coalition Aircraft, Iraqi Forces Continue Large Offensive Targeting ISIS

Why Yemen’s Houthis turned down Saudi Arabia’s ceasefire offer

Battle for Marib: Last city in north Yemen under gov’t control

Turkey floats out its first AIP submarine “Piri Reis”

Israel, Slovakia Sign Agreement on Supply of Radar Systems

Stuck ship in Egypt’s Suez Canal imperils shipping worldwide

Libya demands mercenary pullout as EU top diplomats visit

Libyan militia leader wanted by ICC for war crimes killed by gunmen

Nigeria, Western Allies Stage Naval Drills in Piracy Hotspot

Russia's borders may not be final

Russian Navy preps for Zircon hypersonic missile tests in Barents Sea

U.S. wages psychologicial war on Moscow - Russian defense adviser

Russia opposition leader Navalny’s health worsens in prison

Opposition activists gear up for a new round of protests in Belarus

The Last Azerbaijan-Armenia War Changed How Small Nations Fight Modern Battles

Rare USAF spy plane visits Volkel AB, Netherlands

Italian Eurofighter Typhoon Flew In “Full Load” Configuration For The First Time Last Week

Why the Narco Submarine Found In Europe Is Not Like Those In Latin America

UK invests £2bn in Tempest combat aircraft project

Now The UK Wants To Add Combat Drones To Its Aircraft Carriers, But Is It Really Feasible?

Two pilots survive military jet crash in England

Crowsnest early warning helicopter enters service

Uruguayan Air Force Helicopter Carrying Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines Crashes In Rocha

Bolivian K-8VB crashes, one woman killed

Counterintelligence agents for the Western powers told us what China and Russia pay their double-agents

China confirms Z-10 attack helicopter crashed in Hunan province

Copycat J-16 Jet "Much Superior" to the Su-30: Chinese PLA Pilot

Chinese Media Strategy Against the Uyghurs

Taiwan says has begun mass production of long-range missile

EXPLAINER: What N Korean missile tests mean for US relations

Disillusion, Despair and Disloyalty

North Korea Positioning Itself to Play ‘Nuclear Blackmail’

Singaporean contractor to build a supersonic combat drone

Philippines deploys more patrol ships amid rift with China

UFO report might miss deadline, Sen. Rubio says

UFO's or Drones: What Is 'Swarming' U.S. Navy Warships?

Today's Cyberattacks Foreshadow Wars to Come

U.S. military must accelerate use of artificial intelligence, JAIC chief says

Air Force Investing in Alternative Energy Sources

A Marine F-35B Fighter Jet Accidentally Shot Itself With Its Own Gun Pod

Navy T-45C Crashes in Texas, No Fatalities

Pink And Green Forever

US Army Increasingly Preparing Soldiers for Arctic Missions

Bell has completed 30% of 360 Invictus for US Army FARA programme

Bell sees its APT cargo UAV as being attritable in combat

US Army, Marines, Special Forces Eye Israeli ‘Hero’ Attack Drones

Dozens Of AH-1Z And UH-1Y Helicopters Will Be Retired As Part Of The USMC's Force Redesign

Operation Porcupine: The Air Force plan to rescue downed F-16 pilots

CIRCM, Sky Viper And The Other Technologies Northrop Grumman Is Pitching For The Future Vertical Lift Program

Bell sees V-280 and V-247 having ‘synergy’ with US Navy FVL Maritime Strike

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