Af/Pak & Other News (3/10/2021)

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Mar 10, 2021, 2:01:10 PM3/10/21
The Afghanistan withdrawal ‘agreement’ may not be as firm as it sounds

Tajik Locals On Afghan Border Trained To Defend Against ‘Taliban Attack’

Indian Navy commissions third Kalvari (Scorpène)-class submarine

Eye on China, India’s plan for 6 nuclear-powered attack submarines back on track

Soft, political "launch" of Indian DRDO's AIP milestone.

Indian Navy Submarines Move Closer To AIP Game Changer

Kylie Moore-Gilbert: Iran tried to recruit freed British-Australian academic as spy

Construction Of A Large Runway Suddenly Appears On Highly Strategic Island In The Red Sea

A Battle in Central Yemen Further Dims Hopes for Peace

Yemen’s Houthis seek world stage for their threats

Turkey: The Agonies Of Altay

Young Israeli fighter pilots fly M-346 in simulated combat missions from Six-Day War

Libya lawmakers approve interim govt in key step towards elections

Bata blast: Satellite images show Equatorial Guinea destruction

The Soviet Union’s Railway-Based Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Had An Inflatable Nosecone

Russia Patents a Rocket-propelled “Net” to Ensnare Drones in Flight

Russia says it is slowing down Twitter to protect citizens from illegal content

Russian attempt to throttle Twitter appears to backfire

American and Turkish warships operate together in Black Sea

Montenegro is center stage in Balkan conflict

France’s Space Force Conducts First Military Drills Against Space-Based “Threats”

Belgium’s Hard-Worked F-16 Fighter Jet Fleet Has Just Been Grounded

U.S. prosecutors say Honduras has become a 'narco-state'

PLA yet to withdraw from several forward positions: Pentagon Commander on India-China LAC clash

Chinese HQ-19 Anti-Ballistic Missile Interceptor presumably operational

Report to Congress on Chinese Naval Modernization

ANALYSIS: Communist Party seeking China’s ‘rejuvenation’

A look at the Covid-19 disinformation pushed by China and Russia

Xi’s Gambit: China Plans for a World Without American Technology

China's 1 Million-Strong 'Disinformation Machine' Is Eroding U.S. Hegemony: Admiral

First independent report into Xinjiang genocide allegations claims evidence of Beijing's 'intent to destroy' Uyghur people

China’s not the Only Country Fortifying Tiny Islets in a Contested Asian Sea

World powers ignoring North Korea crimes against humanity amid nuclear program focus: U.N. expert

Seoul agrees to pay more for hosting American troops in 2021

Philippines: Reject American Aid Or Else

Protesters adapt tactics after Myanmar police use violence

Report calls for permanent National Guard units to protect Capitol

DARPA, CIA-contracted fund partner to stop China from gobbling up America's intellectual property

Russian sub used in Harrison Ford movie catches fire in Providence scrapyard

Five Takeaways From Recent Defense Investment Activity

Elon Musk reveals why the SN10 Starship exploded

Missile Defense Agency to consider two sites for Hawaii-based radar

The Army’s New Goggles Let Soldiers See Right Through Walls

U.S. Marine Corps conduct external lift test of CH-53K’s heavy-lift

SOCOM’s Armed Overwatch Program looks like a blast from the past

'We're going to lose fast': U.S. Air Force held a war game that started with a Chinese biological attack

Air Force's MQ-9 Reaper Drone Replacement Requirements Now Include Air-To-Air Combat Capability

U.S. Air Force to upgrade its T-6A Texan II primary trainers

US Navy buying up to 120 submarine-launched Blackwing UAS

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