Af/Pak & Other News (11/2/2021)

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Nov 2, 2021, 2:01:57 PM11/2/21
Afghanistan: Armed, Angry And Disappointed

Explosions and gun attack on central Kabul hospital kill 25 people

Pentagon takes down more than 140,000 online photos and videos to protect Afghan allies

Russia Retakes Position of India's Top Defense Partner: Indian Ambassador to Moscow

What Looks Like The Tail Of A Global Hawk Clone Just Appeared On A Truck In Iran

Qatar Navy Receives First ‘Al Zubarah’ Corvette From Italy

Saudi-led coalition says 115 rebels killed around Yemen's Marib

Israel, Russia share common goal of ousting Iran from Syria

EXPLAINER: Why Saudi Arabia is upset, lashing out at Lebanon

Syrian bunker full of weapons from Six Day War uncovered

Official: 5 killed when cargo plane crashes in South Sudan

Why was Mossad meeting in Sudan with coup leaders? - analysis

Ethiopians mobilize as advance of rebel groups toward capital threatens wider civil war

Ethiopia declares nationwide state of emergency as rebel forces gain ground

Satellite images show new Russian military buildup near Ukraine

Russia likely to export new S-500 missile systems to India, China

Russian Project 885M submarine Perm will be the first Tsirkon sub carrier

Russian Naval Ships to Be Armed With Kamikaze Drones

Russian nuclear weapons stand out in defense budget request

Russian Army to Get 200 Aircraft, 26 S-350 & S-400 Missile Systems to Counter 'Western' Threats

Russia Holds Black Sea Navy Drills With Eye on US Ships

Why Kyrgyzstan Is Procuring Turkish And Russian Drones For Its Tiny Air Force

The Perisher: Inside the grueling test the Royal Navy uses to pick its submarine commanders

Royal Navy looking to ‘increase lethality’ of Type 31 Frigates

Satellite images appear to show China is making significant progress developing missile silos that could eventually launch nuclear weapons

Analysis of FC-31 stealthy naval fighter

New Stealth Fighters, Aircraft Carriers And UCAVs: Dissecting The Real State Of China’s Naval Aviation

Chinese satellite hints at space warfare prowess by dodging US surveillance

China's state media accuses the US of lying about what happened to submarine it says hit an underwater mound in the South China Sea

Taiwanese Defense Minister: Taiwanese Marines Are Training With US Marines On Guam

Hundreds Of South Korean And U.S. Warplanes Are Conducting A Secretive Exercise In Korea

S.Korea Approves Project to Develop Lightweight Torpedoes by 2028

Aussies To Pick ‘Mature’ Nuke Sub Design; Is UK’s Astute Class Frontrunner?

Australia now has five ATS loyal wingman UAVs under construction

LAX 'Jet Pack Man' Latest: New video may finally solve viral mystery

USS Connecticut Smashed Into A Seamount, May Have Ripped Off Sonar Dome

Area-I reveals larger Altius-700 air-launched effect

Glitzy Northrop Grumman Ad Teases Totally Notional New Long-Range Stealth Fighter

Space Consortium Awarding Big Money for Prototypes

Reality Versus Dreamware

USMC working on ACV changes, surf zone operations still halted

The Navy's Stealth Destroyers Will Have Their Deck Guns Replaced With Hypersonic Missiles

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