Af/Pak & Other News (7/21/2021)

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Jul 21, 2021, 1:09:15 PM7/21/21
Covered almost 85% of Afghanistan, will cover rest soon: Taliban

Taliban in 'defence status' during Afghan Eid holiday

Russia sees security upside in Taliban's north Afghanistan gains

U.S. transfers Guantánamo detainee who allegedly led forces at Tora Bora

Pakistani Taliban may be behind bus attack that killed 9 Chinese, analysts say

DRDO successfully tests 'fire & forget' anti-tank missile

Russia Sends Commercial Offer for the Sale of MiG-29 Jets to India

India, Russia Plan Extended-Range Brahmos Missile: Source

India Has Plans to Become a Nuclear Submarine Superpower

Iraqi president on list for potential Pegasus surveillance

On the list: Ten prime ministers, three presidents and a king

How British special operators defied their bosses to rescue 2 comrades captured on a secretive mission in Iraq

Turkey’s future unmanned aircraft MIUS to operate on LHD Anadolu

HISAR-A+ air defense missile system has been delivered to Turkish army

Syrian economy lies in ruins and China sniffs opportunity

Israel Threatens Lebanon Over Rocket Attacks, Syria Warns Israel Against Airstrikes

Months after it was downed, Iran UAV still swimming with fishes in kibbutz pond

Israel’s Combat-Proven Drone Swarm Is More Than Just A Drone Swarm

Israeli Loitering Munitions To Get US Test In October

Jordanian-made Al-Wahsh and Al-Mared armored vehicles in service with Libyan army

Tunisian Anti-terrorism Battalion (BAT) operating Throwboy 2 UGV

US Conducts First Airstrike in Somalia Under Biden Administration

Congo: Cobalt Cartel Conspiracy

Russia’s Checkmate Light Tactical Fighter Is Officially Unveiled

Here Are The Most Interesting Details We Have Noticed In The Official Unveiling Of Russia’s ‘Checkmate’ Fighter Jet

Russia targets low cost, high performance with Su-75 Checkmate fighter

Russia’s New Stealth Fighter Might Be A High-Flier

Russian ‘Checkmate’ Stealth Fighter has Launch Customer, to Cost $30 Million Apiece

Russia ‘Weaponizing’ AI: Pentagon Intelligence Report

The story of the crazy wing-to-wing in-flight refueling procedure of the Soviet Tu-16 Badger medium bomber

This Is Our First View Of Russia’s New S-500 Air Defense System In Action

Russia’s answer to the M4: Breaking down the new AK-12

Ka-226T ‘Alpinist’ High Altitude Helicopter Displayed at MAKS 2021

Leonardo’s AW101 makes debut for the Polish Navy

First Dassault Rafale Aircraft Has Been Officially Delivered To Greece

Currently ‘too early’ to determine role of Type 32 Frigate

Arrests Tied to Jovenel Moise's Assassination Grows to 26, Now Includes 3 Haitian Cops

Roiled by Presidential Assassination, Haiti Swears in New PM

How China’s flying submarine drone could change the way sea battles are fought

How Did China Develop the J-35 Stealth Fighter So Fast?

Typhoon Thwarts China's Patrols Around Disputed Senkaku Islands

'Criminal contract hackers': China, Iran, Russia enlist more high-tech gangsters for cyberattacks

China Breached Dozens of Pipeline Companies in Past Decade, U.S. Says

Chinese State-Backed Hacking: Time To Level the Playing Field and Breach the Great Firewall

Changes in China's military flights around Taiwan may mean Chinese pilots are learning new tactics

Taiwan’s first indigenous submarine to launch in 2023

Senators Propose Enhancing Taiwan Defense in Face of China Threat

Two USMC F-35B Lightning II struck by lightning over Japan

How Japan chose where to base its F-35s

Canada: Doing Much With Little

Senators Introduce Bill Requiring Notification Of Cyber Incidents Within 24 Hours

FBI warns of hackers potentially interfering with Olympics

US intelligence community convenes new panel to probe 'Havana syndrome' causes amid new cases in Austria

National Reconnaissance Office Embracing Commercial Tech

Security Surrounding Nuclear Football Being Officially Reviewed In Aftermath Of Capitol Siege

The growing problem of jamming and spoofing of GPS satellite navigation signals just keeps getting worse

Biden’s First Budget Tries ‘Too Much With Too Little,’ New Wargame Finds

First AC-130J Ghostrider gunship delivered to Cannon Air Force Base

This Spherical Manned Airship Was Tested By The Navy As An Eye In The Sky

USAF approves KC-46A centerline drogue system to refuel US Navy, US Marine Corps aircraft

An Update on the Coming of the CMV-22B to the Fleet: July 2021

Why We Know F-35 Support Costs Will Fall In The Future

U.S. Navy Needs a Corvette: The Badr-Class Would Do

CNO: Too much new tech on Ford was a mistake

Navy’s top admiral defends ship cuts in proposed 2022 budget, explains strategy

Report to Congress on Navy Light Amphibious Warship

The Navy Is Looking At Fitting Its Future Attack Submarines With Inflatable Sails

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