Af/Pak & Other News (2/2/2021)

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Feb 2, 2021, 1:10:42 PM2/2/21
Afghan officials: Bombings in Kabul kill 2, including cleric

As U.S. warns on withdrawal, data shows Taliban attacks climb in past year

Afghanistan: The Ikhwan Factor

Will the US finally get the hell out of Afghanistan once and for all?

Pakistan court orders release of Daniel Pearl murder ‘mastermind’

India-China standoff: Video shows huge number of PLA tanks, troops near LAC

Purported militant groups claim responsibility for blast near Israeli embassy

MiG-29 K Aircraft Replacement, Indian TEDBF Breaks Cover at Aero India 2021

Iran blinks again and again on 'redlines' - analysis

Iranian agents scouted Israeli, US, UAE embassies in East Africa for attack — TV

Iran’s New Space Rocket Could Double As A Nuclear Missile

Israel sees 6-month Iran nuclear breakout, longer than Blinken projection

Iran allows crew of seized South Korean ship to leave

77th EFS practice defensive counter air with Saudi Saab 2000 AEW

Kurds end siege of government-held areas in northeast Syria

What next as Israel steps up attacks on Iranian forces in Syria?

For third day in a row, IDF quadcopter falls outside Israel's borders

Israeli firm sells Harop, Rotem kamikaze drones to several Asian countries

Minister: US will never attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, Israel may act alone

Israel’s Skylock pioneers defending against drones

In Algerian mountains, army operation shows persistent militant threat

Mogadishu Hotel Attack Death Toll Rises to 15

USS Porter conducts interoperability exercises with Ukrainian navy

Russia is building a futuristic combat suit it claims can stop .50 caliber bullets

The Russian Military is Facing a Looming Demography Crisis

'What happened to US diplomats in Cuba, happened to me in Moscow': CIA officers give new accounts of 'Russian sonic attacks' linked to mystery illnesses around the world

In Russia, supporters of Kremlin critic Navalny undeterred by police crackdown

Russian Media: ‘Traitors’ Like Alexei Navalny Deserve Death

U.S. Navy Deploys Two Destroyers To Black Sea Triggering Russian Anti-Ship Drills

Turkey, Azerbaijan Begin Joint Military Drills Near Armenian Border

Georgia: Why New Armed Drone Is A Milestone In Proliferation

Austria's air defense is close to collapse, last call for new trainer/light fighter

German Navy Green Lights Laser-Based Weapon for Naval Warships

Captain Sir Tom Moore dies at 100 after testing positive for Covid

Britten-Norman planning to automate Islander aircraft

Mighty Dragon: China’s modified J-20 stealth fighter jet

China has reportedly stolen personal data from 80% of Americans

China Uses Climate Change To Threaten Joe Biden Administration

Flood Of Chinese Aircraft South Of Taiwan Continues Days After Mock Attack Runs On U.S. Carrier

China Could Use This Sneaky Bomber Maneuver To Encircle Taiwan

Hundreds of Myanmar lawmakers under house arrest after coup

Myanmar military stages coup, declares 1-year state of emergency

U.S. calls Myanmar military's takeover a coup, while China labels it a "cabinet reshuffle"

EXPLAINER: Why did the military stage a coup in Myanmar?

Australia sees light: Buying AH-64E Apache Guardian

Thailand: Lighter, Smarter, Cheaper

B-52H task force deploys to Guam in support of Pacific Air Forces

The Navy Finally Speaks Up About Its Bizarre "UFO Patent" Experiments

Hackers and spies are scrambling to steal information on vaccine programs, sources say

Nuclear war with China or Russia 'a very real possibility,' U.S. Strategic Command chief warns

Check Out These Fascinating, Declassified Photos of The A-12 Oxcart RCS Tests Inside Area 51

Study Finds U.S. Defense Industrial Base on Negative Trajectory

US boosting rare earth element processing capacity with $30M contract

Nanotechnology The Future of Metamaterial Science, New Study Says

Northrop Grumman collaborates with Ultra to demonstrate unmanned anti-submarine warfare capability

Top Aces Receives Former Israeli F-16s To Be Used For Adversary Training With The U.S. Air Force

Intel Agency Worker Pushed His Own Drone Company, Report Details

Citadel Defense Lands Multi-Million US Contract for AI Counter-Drone System

SpaceX's second high-altitude Starship test flight could happen today

Pentagon Hypersonics Director Rebuts Critics, Step By Step

An open system for missile-warning satellite data is in the works but faces challenges

Boeing faces struggle in space technology, just as company's problems with 737 MAX jet get sorted out

US Army seeking simultaneous transmit and receive tactical radios

Army robots made of robots? New LEGO-like method could make it happen

This could be the Army’s next-generation rifle optic of choice

Air Force Holds Back $336 Million on Flawed Boeing Tanker

Boeing Finds Fixes For Two KC-46 Deficiencies

Air Force Looking to Expand Role for Tankers

Navy Hopes to Deploy its Early Razorback UUVs Soon Even As Development Continues on Updated Capability

Navy’s Hotly Anticipated Drone Ship Plan Coming This Month

The US Navy is planning to 'recycle' one of its first supercarriers. Here's what's next for USS Nimitz

Light Carrier Studies Already Underway As Navy Considers Role for CVLs in Future Fleet

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