Af/Pak & Other News (6/16/2021)

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Jun 16, 2021, 2:17:14 PM6/16/21
‘With Masters Defeated, the Slaves Can’t Fight:’ Taliban Eye Victory After US Exit

Time running out for Afghan peace process, more efforts needed - EU envoy

This Could Be India’s Next Tank (Thanks to Russia)

DSME Sheds Light on Submarine Offer to India for P-75I

Monsoon delays salvage of fire-ravaged ship off Sri Lanka coast

Iran's Interest in Russian Satellite 'Not Particularly Concerning' to US Security, CENTCOM Chief Tells VOA

‘Ferocious Kitten’: the cyberspies preying on Iranian web users

Explainer: Iran hardliners set to retain hold on economy, foreign policy after vote

Iran’s next president will ride a wave of voter apathy into power

40 years after Israeli strike, Iraq looks to build nuclear reactors

Senate will vote to repeal Iraq War authorization, Schumer says

Saudi Arabia seeks foreign contractor to run Air National Guard

UN envoy: Study other options to prevent Yemen tanker spill

Houthi ‘Terror’ Scuds Now Threaten Most Of Saudi Arabia

Turkey: Deals To Be Had

Lebanon: France, partners seek urgent aid to help Lebanese army, says French official

Gaza Ceasefire Breaks As Israeli Airstrikes Follow Incendiary Balloon Attacks

Israel to halt nighttime ‘mapping’ of Palestinian homes

NATO rejects Ukrainian president's 'confirmation' of entry into alliance

Ukraine, at war with Russian-backed separatists, said it would reject any deals from the summit.

Russia Conducts Largest Navy Exercise Since Cold War As Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin Meet

Russia's New Cruise Missile Submarines Are "On Par With Ours" Says Senior U.S. General

Russian Helicopters details Ka-52K shipborne rotorcraft

Russian defense industry upgrades RPG-7V2 rocket launcher

Russia to develop two-seat variant of Su-57

Once, Superpower Summits Were About Nukes. Now, It’s Cyberweapons.

Vladimir Putin's Plane: Five Facts About Russian Air Force One As He Meets With Biden

Azerbaijan Says 15 Armenian Military Prisoners Swapped For Land-Mine Map

Germany pulling platoon from Lithuania amid sexual misconduct, extremism allegations

Check Out The Anti-Drone Weapons Carried By Security At Biden's Meeting In Brussels

Tracking China's Sudden Airpower Expansion Along Its Western Border

Chinese SLBM Triumph

Taishan nuclear plant: China admits damage to fuel rods

China's latest tactic to exert control over Taiwan? Using hundreds of dredgers to carve sand from its coast.

Dozens Of Chinese Warplanes Fly South Of Taiwan After Beijing Blasts Criticism From G7

After massed plane incursion near Taiwan, China says must respond to ‘collusion’

An invasion isn't the only threat from China that Taiwan and the US have to worry about

N Korea’s Kim looks much thinner, causing health speculation

North Korea’s Kim calls food situation ‘tense’ as reports of shortages mount

Indonesia signs letter of intent to buy 36 Rafale fighters

Indonesia Purchasing Eight Frigates From Italy

Government UFO report is the product of years of military infighting over whether to take sightings seriously

The U.S. Military Doesn't Even Track How Many Weapons It Loses, And It Has Lost Thousands

The Mystery of the F-22s Scrambled in Hawaii Has Been Solved

A “Day Without Space”: GPS Concerns May be Overblown, New Study Finds

The unfortunate truth of why we’ll never have space marines, according to science or whatever

Northrop’s Minotaur I rocket launches NROL-111 mission for NRO

Lawmakers push to boost Missile Defense Agency budget second year in a row

Give Lasers Back to the Missile Defense Agency, Lawmaker Says

GBSD scheduled to make maiden flight in 2023

U.S. Army fields new counter-drone systems

Army-funded research helps develop digital fibers that could be sewn into uniforms to monitor troops

The Army Lays Out Plans For Its New Intelligence Gathering Jet

Marine Corps Wants 92 Amphibious Combat Vehicles To Replace Aging AAV Fleet

U.S. Air Force develops bio-inspired micro drones

ALQ-131C proven to work with APG-83 on F-16

Report to Congress on Coast Guard Cutter Procurement

Pentagon considers permanent naval task force to counter China in the Pacific

Maritime authorities consider future modes of wide-area ocean persistent surveillance to enhance intelligence

MQ-25A Stingray: Is This the Navy’s Future Stealth ‘Everything’ Drone?

US Navy, Marines Test Next-Gen Mine Detection Systems

The Navy Is Developing "Bio-Inspired" Drones That Transition Between Air And Water

US Navy plans to arm F/A-18E/F and F-35C with US Air Force JASSM-ER cruise missile

Don’t Look Now, But The U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships Are Actually Doing Stuff

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