Af/Pak & Other News (7/6/2021)

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Jul 6, 2021, 12:53:27 PM7/6/21
U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is more than 90% complete, Pentagon says

Taliban parade new weapons seized from Afghan military as U.S. withdraws

The Taliban advance is accelerating

Afghanistan Vows to Overcome Taliban Advances Amid US Withdrawal

Afghan Government Deploys Additional Forces To Counter Taliban Assault In North

Afghanistan: Departing Maneuvers

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan is a giant clusterf–k

US troops left their key Afghanistan base at 3 a.m. without telling their allies, leaving 5,000 Taliban prisoners in their cells, reports say

Russia Closes Consulate in Northern Afghanistan as Taliban Takes Over Multiple Districts

The Afghan Military’s Catastrophic Equipment Losses [Infographic]

"They are going to slaughter us": Afghan interpreter speaks out as Taliban advance

Inside Afghanistan’s looted Bagram airbase after US departure – in pictures

Afghan troops struggle to replace Americans at key base

Britain will keep boots on the ground in Afghanistan with special forces set to stay

What America Didn’t Understand About Its Longest War

3 reasons why India can’t ignore China constructing missile silos to counter US

Jammu attack: Air Force plans to buy anti-drone systems with laser weapons

50,000 Troops Shifted to China Border: Why This ‘Historic’ Move is Anything but Sudden

Iran says minor damage from June nuclear site sabotage, blames Israel

ISIS targets electricity lines in Iraq to spread mayhem

Iraqi militia commander vows to avenge deaths in US strike; drone shot down near embassy

Saudi-Iran talks could move to Oman, an intriguing shift for Israel

Turkey: Black Sea Brotherhood

Western Powers Face Russia in Syrian Aid Clash

Israel used swarm of drones to attack Hamas terrorists: report

Ever Given ship impounded after Suez Canal blockage, released by Egyptian court

France arms Reapers with GBU-12 Paveway II bombs in support of Barkhane

Ethiopia begins next phase of filling Nile dam, angering Egypt

Nigeria’s JF-17 Thunders begins combat air patrol

Ukraine to hold land military drills with US, Poland, Lithuania

Russian armed forces receive Typhoon-PVO armored vehicles

T-14 Armata to enter series production in 2022

Russia drills attack helicopters, pledges help to secure Tajik-Afghan border

No survivors in Russian An-26 plane crash - reports

The Shocking Enormity of Russia’s Botched Pandemic Response

NATO scrambles jets 15 times to track Russian military planes over the Baltic

Albania to purchase Bayraktar TB2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

A Deep Dive Into BriteCloud Advanced Expendable Active Decoy

German who ran think tank arrested for spying for China

MBDA to provide CAMM air defence missiles to Type 45 destroyers

Artificial Intelligence used on British Army operation for the first time

Royal Navy submarine docks in Gibraltar ahead of maiden call by HMS Prince of Wales

China Is Building an Area 51

China displays ground naval and aerial combat robots at 7th China Military Intelligent Technology Expo

China Could Hand Over 36 J-10C Jets to Pakistan in 2021

South Korean army general arrested for sexual assault of female colleague

JGSDF Type 12 SSM launch vehicle caught fire inside tunnel

Development On Japan’s UH-2 Utility Helicopter Completed

Black box retrieved from crashed Philippines Air Force plane

Australia: Submarine sighting makes for a special flight

UFOs, Plasma Lasers, And The Pentagon’s ‘Voice Of God’ Weapon

Did you know the average life expectancy of a US Army Huey pilot in combat in Vietnam was only 19 minutes? Some interesting facts about UH-1 aircrew training during the Vietnam War.

Lawmakers say DoD undercounts civilian casualties

B&T’s APC9K: The Army’s new Submachine gun is a tiny terror

US Marine Corps fields M3A1 Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapons System to infantry Marines

USMC AH-1Z attack helicopter conducts first flight with new digital interoperability suite

35 of the oldest Hogs to be retired at Davis-Monthan AFB. They will be replaced by A-10 and HH-60 Pave weapons schools and test squadrons.

Raytheon secures LRIP contract for NGJ-MB programme

What went wrong? How the F-35 got to be so expensive

Report to Congress on Navy Light Amphibious Warship

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