Af/Pak & Other News (3/9/2013)

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Mar 9, 2013, 8:21:48 PM3/9/13
Afghanistan: Two suicide bombers strike on first day of Hagel's visit:

U.S. Again Delays Transfer of Bagram Prison to Afghan Forces:

Under cover of darkness, Afghan women head to battle:

XM25 pulled from theatre trial due to 'malfunction':

Mob in Pakistani city torches Christian homes:

Prominent Afghan political leader escapes another assassination

Army’s First Interactive iPad Book Lets You Finger-Swipe Through

AFCENT removes drone strike public records:

U.S. agents tracked bin Laden son-in-law for years before arrest:

Abu Ghaith trial may illuminate Iran's treatment of al-Qaida leaders
it detained:

UN peacekeepers enter Jordan after Syria captivity:

Syrian rebels fire shots on Golan border:,7340,L-4354244,00.html

Nervous Israel prepares for war with Hezbollah:

Refurbished Patriot Radar Revealed:

As Crisis Deepens in Egypt After Ruling on Riot, Calls for a Military

Libya: Outlaws And Disorder:

Nigerian jihadist group executes 7 foreigners:

Mali conflict: French troops 'dismantle al-Qaeda base':

Netherlands trials passive C-RAM systems:

Disgust of Desert Rat veterans over loss of tanks:

UK Royal Marines receive two new Island-class patrol boats:

Questions emerge over the 'Shield of Poland' missile programme:

The agony of Hugo Chavez: details emerge of his final days:

Hugo Chávez's final words: 'I don't want to die':

North Korea rejects UN demands, vows to become 'nuclear weapons

Taiwan’s Massive, Mega-Powerful Radar System Is Finally Operational:

Malaysia Detains 79 in Fight Against Filipinos:

North Korea general: Nuclear missiles ready:

U.S. Engaged in ‘Cyber Cold War’ with China, Iran:

DARPA seeks UAV for LCS 2:

Test Pilots: Stealth Jet’s Blind Spot Will Get It ‘Gunned Every Time’:

B-1B To Test New Offensive Anti-Surface Missile:

The Professor, the Bikini Model and the Suitcase Full of Trouble:

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