Af/Pak & Other News (10/12/2012)

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Oct 12, 2012, 2:22:18 PM10/12/12
Pakistan sends former Taliban fighters to militant rehab:,0,1958035.story

Seven British marines arrested in Afghanistan murder probe:

Senate Democrat Launches New Study on ‘Housing Gitmo Detainees in the

Prince Harry Reportedly 'Risking His Life' in Afghanistan:

Pakistani police make arrests in shooting of girl:

Taliban's "Radio Mullah" sent hit squad after Pakistani schoolgirl:

Afghans Sold U.S. Troops Bogus Bomb Protection:

Fear At The Top:

Russia and India Sign Transport Plane Deal:

BrahMos missile to test anti-ship variant from submarine platform:

Former Spy Talks "Argo" And Iran rescue mission:,0,888803.story

The West’s Stalwart Ally in the War on Drugs: Iran (Yes, That Iran):

Iran: Panic Is Worse Than It Looks:

Mideast cyber war widens, oil targets hit:

Iraq to Buy 28 Training Jets for $1 Billion: Czech Minister:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims credit for Tikrit jailbreak:

Syria activists say jihadis seize missile base:

Turkey's frustration at Syria led to plane action:

Syria plane carried Russian anti-missile radar parts, report says:

Turkey scrambles jet after Syria chopper nears border:

U.S., allies girding for worst-case scenario with Syria's WMD:

Israel imposes new transponder rules after UAV incursion:

Hezbollah takes responsibility for last week's drone over Israel:

In Benghazi, militias may promote security one day, threaten it the

Ex-CIA chief: White House, not intel community, to blame for Benghazi:

Soldier Charged Over Russia Munitions Blast:

Corvette Boiky Undergoes Sea Trials in Baltic:

US says nuclear deal with Russia not dead yet:

Sweden offers to lease 8 Gripens to Croatia:

CMN to unveil several new ship designs, including a revolutionary
concept, at Euronaval 2012:

New Zetas Cartel Leader Violent 'To the Point of Sadism':

PLA Navy’s tiny trimaran rescue ship:

Quadruplets serve on China's first aircraft carrier:

South Korean Official Warns of ‘Existential Threat’ From North:

Photo: J-15 on low approach over Liaoning:

Report: Guided weapons held by armed groups:

Pentagon Chief Reveals ‘Classified’ Cyber Threats … That You Read in

US military prepares new rules for cyber war: Panetta:

DoD Pushes Forward on Critical U.S. Army Radio Program:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

UNMANNED AIRCRAFT: Marine Corps’ STUAS almost ready:

Intelligence Chief Hints At New Spy Satellites; Biggest Change in 30

Darpa’s New Director Wants to Keep the Skies Under U.S. Control:

USAF investigating potential JSTARS sabotage incident:

Upgrade To Boost Processing Power of B-2 Bomber Fleet:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

As sun rises, hundreds gather in Westchester to see Endeavour:

Kennedy Was Also Dealing With Embassy Bomb Threats During The Cuban
Missile Crisis:

Grumman F-14 Tomcat explodes as it breaks Mach 1:

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