Af/Pak & Other News (10/10/2012)

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Oct 10, 2012, 8:14:12 PM10/10/12
5 'militants' killed in US drone strike in Mir Ali:

Shooting of Pakistan Girl Activist Sparks Outrage:

NATO to Discuss Afghan Training Mission:

Afghan offers bounty for anti-Islam filmmaker:

Marines surged Harriers to Afghanistan within 36 hours of attack:

Reports of al Qaeda, Taliban defeats are 'a major lie,' says CBS

Iran says its infosec defences foiled oil hack:

Iran's spy agency finds voice in cyberspace:

Hospitals, the new Bahraini battleground:

This Danish Dude Claims He Was a CIA Mole in al-Qaida:

Iraq inks $4.3 billion arms deal with Russia, buying 30 Mi-28NEs and
Pantsir-S1 systems:

Turkey forces Syrian plane down as tension heightens:,0,5064566.story

US sends secret task force to Jordan to help deal with Syria crisis:

Massive US-Israel air drill set for this month:

Israel Air Traffic ‘Briefly Halted Over Unidentified Object’:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

State Department: We Monitored Libya Attack ‘in Almost Real Time’:

Diplomatic security in Libya 'weak' before attack, former leader of
protection team testifies:

European Cash Keeps Al Qaeda Going:

French Investigators Find Bomb-Making Materials:

A-10s practise over Germany:

T-72M1 OEM develops new upgrade package:

PARS 3 Missile for German Tiger Helicopter Enters Full-Scale

Slain Mexican Zetas kingpin deserted army, led deadly drug gang:

Toward a ‘New Age of Carriers’ in Asia Pacific:

Navy’s financial pivot to Pacific:

Reports: South Korea says defector is spy who plotted assassination:

Penny-Pinching Navy Promises Next Carrier Will Cost a Measly $11.4

Analyst: Use of Conventional Global Strike Weapons Not Likely to Spark
Nuclear War:

U.S. Navy wants to convert sea water into JP-5:

Navy Lasers’ First Target: Enemy Drones:

NSA Director Pushes Cybersecurity Bill:

Study exposes the negative effects of increasing computerized

Pentagon Scientists: We Can’t Predict Violent Outbursts. Yet.:

Proposal to Modernize Air Force Spy Planes Stirs Controversy:

U.S. Seeks Quick, Inexpensive Contested Airspace Tools:

U.S. Asymmetric Advantage In Airborne Electronic Attack In Danger of

Apple, Bing Maps Reveal Secret Sites:

U.S. Navy Secretary Says Biofuel Technology Has Arrived:

Andrew Swallow

Oct 10, 2012, 11:30:56 PM10/10/12
If the Taliban campaign against the USA is about liberating Afghanistan
is should disappear in Afghan run areas.
If the Taliban are the forces of the drug lords then it will be
concentrated around the areas the poppies are grown and heroin is sold.

Which is it?

Andrew Swallow

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