Af/Pak & Other News (4/12/2021)

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Apr 12, 2021, 12:55:04 PM4/12/21
Taliban rejects U.S. peace plan, six month extension in withdrawal deadline

Insurgent Tactics – The Complex Ambush

Taliban pushes Osama bin Laden truther conspiracy theories

Why America Can't End Its 'Forever Wars'

IAF Lost 26 Fighter Jets From 2014 to 2019

Explainer | Why did the US conduct a freedom of navigation operation against India, and what will the fallout be?

LRSAM system to equip the future Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant

Iran Vows 'Revenge Against Israel' After Natanz Uranium Plant Sabotage

Iran has identified person who caused power outage at Natanz nuclear site - report

EXPLAINER: Iran atomic sites targeted by diplomacy, sabotage

Iran says Natanz was hit by ‘small explosion,’ claims it’s quickly repairable

What exactly is Iran’s shadowy Quds Force?

Iran tried luring Israelis abroad to kidnap them via fake Instagram pages

Canadian special forces supported major Iraqi military assault on ISIS last month

Yemen rebels claim massive aerial attack on Saudi Arabia

Greek Patriot Missiles to be Deployed in Saudi Arabia: Report

Yemen: Iran Demands More

Syrian air force may have dropped chlorine bomb on town in rebel area in 2018: chemical arms watchdog

Smaller Is Better

Lebanese minister expands claim in maritime area dispute with Israel

Israel Unprepared for Drone Threat, State Watchdog Warns

Amid leaks, Gantz orders probe into ‘chatter’ on alleged Israeli strikes on Iran

Has Morocco Carried Out Its First Drone Strike In the Western Sahara?

Rebels Attack Northern Chad On Presidential Poll Day

Ukraine says Russia has moved 80,000 troops to border and Crimea, and Putin won't talk

Ukraine's President heads to the trenches as Russia masses its troops

Target Mariupol: The Sea Port in Ukraine Just Beyond Russia’s Grasp

Unprecedented footage shows front line of Ukrainian conflict with Russia

Russian Caspian Flotilla amphibious vessels transfer to Black Sea

British surveillance aircraft monitoring Ukraine-Russia border

Russia’s Arctic activity to increase with fresh strategy and more capability tests

Artificial intelligence to assist MiG-35's pilot in decision-making and target recognition

A Unique Submarine: New Concept From Russia's Famous Rubin Design Bureau

Russia Tests Igla MANPADS, Buk Missile Systems Against Combat UAVs

Russia marks 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering space mission

Russian prison threatens to force feed hunger-striking Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny: allies

Alexei Navalny's Hunger Strike Reaches 12th Day as Putin Officials Put Candy in His Pockets

Airborne Early Warning Aircraft Proliferation Continues

JSM successfully released from F-35A

Midnight Hawks Aerobatic Team Jets Damaged After Contacting Each Other In Mid-air

What the Whitsun Reef incident tells us about China’s future operations at sea

Chinese Navy’s Promo Video For Recruiting Officers

Taiwan reports largest incursion yet by Chinese air force

Taiwan reconfirms intention to buy 108 M1A2T Abrams tanks

Taiwan Defense Ministry Publication "leaks" Images of Locally-made Stealth Detecting Radar

North Korea believed to have completed build of new Sinpo-C submarine

Philippine Navy has released fund project to acquire torpedoes for Jose Rizal-class frigates

Philippines, US to Hold Joint War Games as Tensions Grow in South China Sea

Philippines shows interest in US Cyclone-patrol vessels

Fire-ravaged Bonhomme Richard will be decommissioned, then towed away for scrapping

Air Power Advocates Are Attacking Army Long-Range Strike Plans. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

DoD’s New Pushback Against Chinese Money In US Defense Industry

General Atomics wins DARPA contract to develop nuclear reactor to power missions to the moon

Pentagon Consolidates Counter-UAS Programs as Menace Grows

BAE Systems Tests SABER Technology For The New EC-37B Compass Call

A US Air Force war game shows what the service needs to hold off — or win against — China in 2030

Electronic Warfare Apps On Horizon For F-15s, Plus

US reveals image of fighter that will replace the F-22

US Navy seeks GPS alternatives for hypersonic weapons

As the US Navy scrambles to field more missiles in Asia, a tough decision looms for aging cruisers

Could Ford-Class Carriers Serve Out the Century to 2110?

This U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Might Have Its Name Changed

Joe Biden Wants To Spend Big On U.S. Navy Submarines

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