Af/Pak & Other News (12/16/2020)

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Dec 16, 2020, 1:28:18 PM12/16/20
Afghanistan: Dancing With The Devils

Afghanistan: 13 police officials killed in attack on checkpoint

Sticky and Lethal: Magnetic Bombs Terrorize Kabul

Pakistan Says Taliban Seeks End To War Even As Militants Stage Attacks In Afghanistan

India successfully carries out test of two Prithvi-2 ballistic missiles

Poonch gunfight: Slain terrorists had plans to carry out major terror attack

Sri Lanka Air Force Nanchang CJ-6 Aircraft Crashed During A Solo Training Flight

Iran Has A Dream

Iranian Hackers Hit 80 Israeli Firms as Massive Cyberattack Continues

State Department designates Iranian-backed Bahraini militia

Iran's probe into downing of airliner has major flaws: Canada report

Iran lured targets out of West to kidnap and likely to execute them

Iran Lifts Nuclear Research Group's Budget by 256 Percent After Scientist Killing

Khamenei renews revenge vow as Soleimani death anniversary nears

Iran could be gearing up for more attacks on US in Iraq

Why is Saudi Arabia recruiting former Navy SEAL contractors?

Disaster awaits if aging Red Sea oil tanker isn't emptied soon, scientists warn

Prototype of Turkey’s AI-Controlled Armored Unmanned Surface Vessel Complete

Turkey has sold Anka to Tunisia

Turkey’s HISAR-A+ Air Defence System Passes Final Acceptance Test

Israel successfully tests sea-based missile defense system

Regional implications of Abraham Accords begin to emerge

Israeli spy firm suspected of accessing global telecoms via Channel Islands

Libya: Mercenaries for Haftar brought from Syria

Three dead in Algeria military helicopter crash

Nigerian Kidnappings a Sign of Boko Haram Expansion, Say Experts

Wilayat Gharb Afriqiyya faction's claimed kidnapping of more than 300 schoolboys in Katsina state indicates expansion of Islamist militancy to northwest Nigeria

Ukraine Orders Corvettes and UCAVs from Turkey for Ukrainian Navy

Russia deploys new Avangard nuclear boost-glide vehicle into ‘combat duty’

Russia Just Doubled Its Hypersonic Strike Force

The Soviet Union’s Burya Cruise Missile Was A Little-Known Cold War Monster

Why Russia’s Sukhoi Su-27 Fighter Is So Important to Putin

Facebook says Russian disinformation campaign targeted Africa and Middle East

NATO Assessing Damage from SolarWinds Hack, Canada Issues Alert

NATO Rejects New UN Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons, Defends Deterrent

Six Used Rafale Jets to Arrive in Greece Starting June 2021, Twelve New Ones in 2022

US approves G550 special mission equipment for Italy

Airbus offers 85 Tranche 5 Eurofighters to the Luftwaffe to replace its fleet of Panavia Tornados

Cyberattack 'Leaves U.K. Infrastructure Exposed for Month'

Cuba rejects U.S. report on diplomat health incidents

Cutaway of Narco VSV interdicted by US Navy LCS

China prepares for return of lunar probe with moon samples

China’s Space Program Suggests Decoupling Won’t Work Like the US Hopes

Chinese Fabricated Facts

Why a Voice from China Admitted That Disputed Artificial Islands Are Hard to Defend

Taiwan says US has approved key submarine technology sale

Taiwan to build three more upgraded version of its Tuo Chiang-class missile corvette

North Korea building up weapons amid economic shortfall, Seoul says

MH-60R helicopter selected for South Korean navy's MOH Batch II programme

Thailand: Chronic Critics Succeeding

Japan approves a plan for the deployment of new long-range anti-ship missiles

Tucker Carlson Talks Underwater UFOs: ‘We’ve Never Imagined Something Like That’ (Video)

Hack may have exposed deep US secrets; damage yet unknown

Hack reveals wider campaign by foreign intelligence service

The ‘SolarWinds’ Hacks Show Supply Chain Attacks Are Business as Usual

The U.S. government spent billions on a system for detecting hacks. The Russians outsmarted it.

Tackling disinformation is national security issue says former NSA general counsel

Algorithmic Warfare: ‘Hack the Building’ Spotlights Vulnerabilities

DHS Believes Our Reliance on GPS ‘Poses a Risk to National Security’

Trump weighs executive order for ill veterans who served at toxic ‘black goo’ base

Kenyan Man Indicted for Allegedly Plotting Another 9/11-Style Attack

Skunk Works Reveals Details Of Mid-November U-2S Demo

Stealthy XQ-58 Drone Busts The Networking Logjam Between F-22 And F-35

Pentagon: Drones Can Complete Missions in "Cut Off" Network-Denied Warfare

Artificial Intelligence Takes Control Of A U-2 Spy Plane's Sensors In Historic Flight Test

U.S. Air Force uses Russian-made air defense systems as simulated foreign targets

US Air Force evaluating three approaches to supersonic executive airlift

Here Is What The Air Force's New Robot Dogs Are Actually Capable Of

Gremlins Program Optimistic About Next Tests After Drones Fail to Dock

DARPA okays Blue Canyon’s satellites for Blackjack program

Space Command calls out another Russian anti-satellite weapon test

Taking a stripped-down F-16 on a max speed run: ‘At 1.6 Mach, the jet started to shake’

Pentagon Joint Chiefs Cites 500-Ship Navy Fleet as "Aim Point"

The USS Bonhomme Richard’s Decommissioning: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

US Navy investigates potential LCS class-wide design flaw

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