Af/Pak & Other News (6/14/2012)

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Jun 14, 2012, 8:51:21 PM6/14/12
15 countries in Afghanistan’s region join forces to tackle security,
economic problems:

US drones strike in Miramshah's bazaar, kill 3 militants:

Afghans end push to recover bodies from landslide:

US Forces Will Retain Self-Defense Capability In Afghanistan:

Textron Receives Order for 71 More MSFVs for the Afghanistan National

Controversies Do Little to Temper U.S. Employment of Armed Aerial

Iran: We’ve Caught the Assassins:

Qatar – UH-60M BLACK HAWK Helicopters:

Oman to Purchase AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder Missiles in Potential $86
Million Deal:

Syrian town deserted, burnt after clashes:

Suicide bomber injures 14 outside Syrian capital:,0,2196158.story

Russian choppers heading to Syria are refurbished, U.S. admits:

'Olmert bombed Syria reactor despite US push for diplomacy':

New Field Intel for IDF:

Israel detains ex-IDF soldier accused of ties to Palestinian terror

Violence erupts on Gaza border:

Extracting Data from Japanese Cellphones:

Russia, Israel in UAV Talks:

Dismay in Egypt as court orders newly-elected parliament to be

Tunisia: Salafists Target Art Gallery, Police Stations:

Libya official agency: Armed clashes in western and southern Libya
leave at least 15 dead:

U.S. Expands Secret Spy Bases in Africa: Report:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Report: US expands secret 'shadow war' in Africa:

"Illegal" hiring leaves Zimbabwe army hungry:

U.N. chief warns of lack of resources in Kony hunt:

Putin Wants New Long-Range Bombers and a Gazillion Drones:

Saab Demos Skeldar UAV in Battlefield Role:

Britain plans mass surveillance of private emails, text messages:

FLIR Tricks Out ATVs With Spy Gear:

New UAV from EMT – Luna NG:

UK review confirms SAR helicopter transition, Merlin shift:

Corruption causes Cold War arms to still kill in Bulgaria:

Production Begins for Thales’ Small LMM/FASGW-L Missiles:

Chavez Shows Off 1st Venezuelan Drone:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Are China’s Near Seas “Anti-Navy” capabilities aimed directly at the
United States?:

China displays ADS and tank under development:

AH-64D, AH-1Z, and T-129B pitch for Korea attack helicopter

Taiwan ex-agent jailed for leaking national secrets:

Special Ops Tiltrotor Down in Florida: Second Crash in 3 Months:

Successful Demonstration of Ground Launched ESSM:

US Navy engages speeding boat with Raytheon Griffin® missile:

U.S. Stealth Jets Choking Pilots at Record Rates:

U.S. Navy, Industry Struggle Over Sea Mines:

PICTURE: Northrop unveils first MQ-4C Triton for US Navy:

US Needs Another 600 Humans to Fly Its Robot Planes:

Raytheon Receives $79 Million Award for US Navy Multiband Terminal

X-47B Carrier Drone Passes Air Worthiness Tests; Carrier Takeoffs,
Landings Next Year:

Military drone mistaken for UFO on D.C.’s Capital Beltway:

The 6 Coolest Things Said by Soldiers Before Killing People:

Video: Army’s Cupcake Tank Fires Desserts:

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