Af/Pak & Other News (3/21/2021)

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Mar 21, 2021, 10:24:04 PM3/21/21
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan

In Kabul, Pentagon chief speaks of ‘responsible end’ to war

The Contractor Conundrum

India, US to expand military engagement, defense ties

For first time, Israeli interceptor missile designed by Rafael being produced in India

Fleeing coup, Myanmar police refugees in India seek asylum

Iran Advances Missile Research in Defiance of U.S. Concerns

AP sources: Iran threatens US Army post and top general

US officials recount Iranian plan to attack Washington military base

Iran Lawmaker Admits Nuclear Expansion Is Leverage for Joe Biden Talks

Intercepting Iraqi MiG-25s, flying DACT against USMC F/A-18s and flying training sorties with live weapons: how RAF Tornado F3 crews prepared for Operation Desert Storm

Pirates hijack Iraqi ship stranded off Iranian coast

Saudi-led coalition targets Houthi missiles' workshops in Yemen's Sanaa: State media

Saudis lead airstrike on Yemen’s capital after Aramco attack

Turkey police briefly hold pro-Kurdish MP after 4 nights at parliament

In Syria, US Commanders Hold the Line — and Wait for Biden

Russian jets hit gas facilities and civilian areas near Turkish border, witnesses and rebels say

US confirms new security pact with Jordan

Israel, UAE in joint struggle against money laundering and terror financing

The Israeli M-346s Fought (Virtually) In The Six-Day War

Ukrainian Court Seizes Aerospace Company Motor Sich From Chinese Investors

Russian-backed rebels deploys tanks near demarcation line in eastern Ukraine

Meet the Russian 'Information Warrior' Seeking To Discredit COVID-19 Vaccines

USS Monterey, USS Thomas Hudner Enter Black Sea for ‘Multi-Domain’ Operations

Report: Iranian hackers operating from server farm in France

British surveillance aircraft circling near Russian naval base

Britain’s special forces to target meddling Russians in defence escalation

New Royal Navy ship to protect 'critical' undersea cables

The UK Is Secretly Testing a Controversial Web Snooping Tool

'Pandora's box' of Northern Ireland could be opened unless EU changes Brexit deal - loyalists warn

China Weapon Development Surpassing US sometimes

Combat drones in China are coming to a conflict near you

Why is the military worried about China expanding into South America?

China’s Damaging Influence and Exploitation of U.S. Colleges and Universities

The Peculiar Ransomware Piggybacking Off of China’s Big Hack

Large Chinese destroyer spotted in waters near Japan, following law that lets Beijing’s coastguard fire on ships near Diaoyu Islands

Philippines says 220 Chinese boats have encroached in South China Sea

Philippine defense chief asks Chinese flotilla to leave reef

Filipino troops kill rebel commander, rescue last hostage

Philippine army promises 'massive' operation against terrorists after hostages rescued

South Korea Hints It May Strengthen Military Ties With Japan

Quantum Mischief Rewrites the Laws of Cause and Effect

Intel Community, DoD Fast-Track New AI Breakthroughs

Joe Biden stumbles on steps of Air Force One – video

The Real Reasons the U.S. Can’t Win Wars Anymore

The Great Space Force NatSec Nip Slip

US Army eases body fat rules for postpartum soldiers after Tucker Carlson mocked pregnant woman in the forces

Bell-Boeing gets $182M for two more CV-22Bs for AFSOC

Touch of gray: The Air Force can’t retire the Boeing 707

US Navy Teams with NASA to Test Next-Generation DAVD Helmet Upgrades

U.S. Navy expects MQ-25 Stingray to conduct approximately 960 annual flight operations

Navy Should Bring Back a Stealthy Carrier-Launched Maritime Attack Drone

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