Af/Pak & Other News (4/27/2021)

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Apr 27, 2021, 3:05:36 PM4/27/21
Leaving Afghanistan Will Be More Expensive Than Anyone Expects

What Tajik Gold Smuggling Bust Tells Us About Afghanistan

Islamic State degraded in Afghanistan but still poses threat

U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan May Give ISIS 'Space to Operate,' Expert Says

10 years after his death, Bin Laden still haunts Pakistan

Ex CIA chief Brennan on getting Bin Laden: high doubts, high risk

India: Pandemic Rules

Navy to get aircraft carrier Vikrant, missile destroyer Visakhapatnam in 2021

Iran’s Growing Drone Threat

Iran's Used Its Wacky Catamaran To Cut Off U.S. Coast Guard Ships In The Persian Gulf

John Kerry denies ever having discussed Israeli strikes in Syria with Iran’s foreign minister.

Iran Aims to Expand WMD Program, German Intel Agency Concludes

Missile multinational: Iran’s new approach to missile proliferation

New Photo Of Shahid Soleimani Class Catamaran

CIA denies US media report of Iraq meeting between agency director, Iranian officials

Successful precision-airdrop GPS-guided pallets test in Kuwait

Explosive-laden ‘drone’ boat targets Saudi port of Yanbu

'Massive' Huthi attack on Marib thwarted: military sources

Turkey Set to Export 12 Hürkus-C Armed Turbo-prop Aircraft

Israeli military says it downed Hezbollah drone

As Somalia's unrest continues, US says it's 'prepared to consider all available tools'

EXPLAINER: The potential risks of political crisis in Chad

Chad’s new military rulers name prime minister, opposition cries foul

Nigeria: Jihadist captures two Isotrex armored vehicles

South Sudan at risk of ‘large scale conflict’: UN report

US Keeping Wary Eye on Russian Troops Near Ukraine

Foreign fighters backing Russia, Ukraine in conflict

NATO tees up negotiations on artificial intelligence in weapons

Germany contracts Top Aces to deliver advanced airborne training

French generals cause backlash with 'civil war' warning

Venezuela's Socialist-Held Congress to Ratify 'Anti-Blockade' Law, Official Says

China targets foreign spies and 'hostile forces' with new anti-espionage rules

China Raises Scrutiny on Companies With New Anti-Spying Rules

Chinese Navy May Have 4 New Type 09IV Nuclear Attack Submarines

Why two heads would be better than one for China’s ‘Mighty Dragon’ fighter jet

China snags suspected US maritime intelligence drone

How Many Nuclear Weapons Does China Really Have?

China nixed meeting on biowarfare concerns as coronavirus queries increased

Report: U.S. naval destroyer tracking China's Liaoning aircraft carrier

Taiwan looks to reduce aircraft losses through F-16 Auto-GCAS

Chinese Spy Plane Enters Taiwan to ‘Test Radar, Gather Intel’

Myanmar guerrillas capture gov’t base; airstrikes follow

Japan: Cold War Magic Revisited

Philippine Air Force MD520MG Helicopter Crash Off Bohol Coast

South Korea to develop indigenous attack helicopter for RoKMC

Australian Official Warns Country to Brace for 'Curse of War' as Tension Grows With China

Spy chiefs look to declassify intel after rare plea from 4-star commanders

The Pentagon's elite 'SWAT team of nerds' are the reason a Florida company took over a huge chunk of government internet space

Startup Awarded Contract for AI-Based Counter-Drone System

Update: U.S. Special Operations Command Central’s Twitter Account Was NOT Hacked

The Ease of Tracking Mobile Phones of U.S. Soldiers in Hot Spots

Future U.S. Army Robots will Work even after Communication Losses

TACK Program Could Change the Way Warfighters ‘See’ on the Battlefield

The view through the Army’s new night vision goggle looks ripped right out of ‘Halo’

Why the Entire B-1B Bomber Fleet Can’t Fly

What artist renderings tell us about the NGAD fighter

For War With Iran And China, The F-35 Stealth Fighter Needs More Gas

Navy SM-6 Missile Successfully Hit A Target Barge During Big Manned-Unmanned Teaming Test

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