Af/Pak & Other News (12/13/2011)

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Dec 13, 2011, 1:55:05 PM12/13/11
US halts $700 million in aid to Pakistan, demands action on Taliban

CIA’s Drone War In Pakistan Will Use Afghan Bases:

Will Kill For Cash:

Pakistani police rescue 54 students chained up in madrasa basement:

Associate: Pakistan president had 'mini-stroke':

Freelancers Become The Big Threat:

Predator C heading to Afghanistan, packing a 2,000-pounder:

Marines Give Counter-IED Program More Bite:


Other news:

Belgium grenade attack: latest:

It Won’t Be Easy for Iran to Dissect, Copy U.S. Drone:

US probes report of alleged Iranian cyber-attack plot:

Iranian prosecutor indicts 15 ‘American and Zionist’ spies:

Syrian Violence Increases:

UN: Syria death toll tops 5,000:

Violence in Syrian Border Province Leaves 28 Dead:

Report: Bahrain king says Syria trains opposition:

Report: Syria arms missiles with chemical warheads:

Hezbollah Identifies Undercover CIA Officers Working in Lebanon:

Blackwater 3.0: Rebranded ‘Academi’ Wants Back in Iraq:

Baghdad frets over rash of autonomy moves:

After Successful Interception, Iron Dome Batteries Remain On Alert:

Settlers clash with Israeli troops in West Bank:

Hunt for terrorists shifts to 'dangerous' North Africa, Panetta says:

Libyans protest in Benghazi against new leaders:

Kenyan forces pledge further push into Somalia:

China to ‘consider’ navy stop in Seychelles:

Japan puts radar spy satellite into space:

Japan Set to Buy F-35s:

MUST-READ: F-35 concurrency report:

Navy Gives Neck Injections A Shot At Curing PTSD:

Raytheon Awarded Contract for NASAMS High-Mobility Launchers for

Swiss charge three in nuclear weapons case:

First two Mi-35Ms for Azerbaijan being delivered:

New data allows for unique conflict research:

Watching for Scuds from Space:

Army Targets AirSea Battle; Hungers For Pacific Role:

Federal Agency Gives New Life to Surplus Equipment:

Viper Strike Becomes MBDA Inc.'s 1st U.S. Buy:

F-16 production line extended to beyond 2015:

Army developing next-generation helicopter:

Kiowa Training Crashes Kill 4 U.S. Soldiers:

Documentary traces fate of Mussolini's corpse:

Andrew Swallow

Dec 13, 2011, 2:46:39 PM12/13/11
On 13/12/2011 18:55, wrote:
> Pakistani police rescue 54 students chained up in madrasa basement:

Sounds like a religious boot camp, with extra boot. ;)

The teachers will have to tell the judge how successful they are.

Andrew Swallow
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