Af/Pak & Other News (4/16/2013)

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Apr 16, 2013, 12:36:17 PM4/16/13
Pakistan To Remove Border Installations After Afghan Objections:

Afghan opium cultivation to rise in 2013: UN report:

Some Hopeful Signs out of the Afghan Army:

Bomb targets PML-N Balochistan chief, kills three family members:

Refined precision-guided parachutes may be cure-all for overburdened

Where are all the Watchkeepers?:

It’s Forced Feeding vs. Scotch-Tape Batons as Gitmo Detainees Continue
Hunger Strike:

7.8-magnitude earthquake hits near Iran-Pakistan border:

The String Of Pearls That Is Choking India:

Yemen: Trapped between Iran, Saudi Arabia:

Assassinations Grow as Iraqi Elections Near:

Syria warplanes pound Damascus: NGO:

Assad’s Forces Break Through Rebel Blockade of Military Bases:

Libyan military leaders visit Naples to discuss maritime security:

Libya’s radar stations mostly back online, Air Force employing UAVs:

U.S. Sting That Snared African Ex-Admiral Shines Light on Drug Trade:

Pirates pose complex, increasing threat to West African shipping:

Somalia: Terrorists Terrorize Each Other:

AROUND AFRICA: Somali Attacks, Ghana Water Woes, Latest from Mali:

Taiwan says China’s Type 094 SSBN and its JL-2 SLBM yet to be

U.S. helicopter makes hard landing near North Korean border:

North Korea Builds A Better Shark:

Pentagon calls off new medal for drone, cyber warriors:

CIA Obtains False IDs From Washington Dept. Of Licensing:

FBI, Boston police go into overdrive in marathon bombing probe:

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