Af/Pak & Other News (5/19/2021)

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May 19, 2021, 1:53:40 PM5/19/21
U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is up to 20% complete amid Gaza violence

Lawmakers express deep doubts about Afghanistan’s future after US withdrawal

Taliban ramped up attacks against Afghans as peace talks faltered, Pentagon watchdog says

Afghanistan Withdrawal Pace Increases With Five Bases Handed Over

Islamic State remains 'potent' force in Afghanistan, says US envoy

Power Struggle On Afghanistan's Frontline Over Key Dam

The Rise Of The New Pakistani Taliban

Pakistani MP calls for use of nuclear weapons against Israel

India Is Preparing to Buy New Light Tanks for Its Troops

Iran’s Oil Exports Rise as U.S. Looks to Rejoin Nuclear Accord

Turkey: Decline And Uproar

Hamas willing to agree to ceasefire with Israel on 2 conditions, senior official says

Hamas rockets have improved range, firepower, and accuracy, experts say

Israel's Gaza bind - destroy Hamas or wait for the next war? - analysis

Al Qaeda tries to capitalize on conflict between Hamas and Israel

IDF twice tried, failed to kill Hamas military chief Muhammad Deif last week

Both Israel and Hamas are aiming to look strong, instead of finding a way out of their endless war

Ukraine Plans ‘Cybertroop’ Force To Combat Russian Cyberwarfare

Russian Su-25SM3 pilots learning to operate Gefest computing subsystem

Russian MoD Reveals Capabilities of its New Buk-M3 Missile System

Russian lawmakers vote to follow US out of overflight treaty

Three Efforts To Get It Right

Belarusian military jet crashes, killing 2

Romania to purchase US NSM CDS Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defense System

British Carrier Joins U.S. Amphibious Forces In North Atlantic In A Vision Of What’s To Come

Type 31 Frigates designated as the ‘Inspiration class’

Watch This Lynx Helicopter Land On A Crazy Mock Pitching Flight Deck

Argentine Air Force Orders Six IA-63 Pampa III Trainer-Light Attack Aircraft

Chinese Army returns to exercise areas near eastern Ladakh; Indian troops keep close watch

China, irked by the Quad, faces up to a world of adversaries

China's fishing fleet may be front for international spying operation

How China’s Thinking About The Next War

Report on Chinese Nuclear and Missile Proliferation

Muslim Governments Are Giving China a Free Pass on Xinjiang

Taiwan's first 42 upgraded F-16Vs in service at Chiayi Air Base

Destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur Transits Taiwan Strait, China Protests

China claims progress in helping recover sunken Indonesian submarine after tragedy

Chinese Navy lifts the life raft of sunken Indonesian submarine

US OKs Turkey Sale of Six Attack Helicopters to Philippines

Why Aren’t Astronomers Paying More Attention To UFOs?

Lawmakers Grill Pentagon Officials on How to Prevent Another Colonial Pipeline-Style Attack

Is DarkSide Really Sorry? Is It Even DarkSide?

CIA’s Last Classified Fax Machines Are About to Retire

Commander Sees New Era of ‘Cognitive Conflict’ for Special Operators

Keeping Foreign Spyware Out Of U.S.-Made Drones Is Harder Than You Think

Possible Third Case of “Havana Syndrome” Reported on U.S. Soil

The First Privately Owned F-16 Aggressor Jet Has Taken To The Sky

Aerospace Industrial Base Can’t Handle The Future: Mitchell Institute

Berger: War With China Not ‘An Inevitability,’ But Competition Will Endure

Navy SEALs are refocusing to fight China and Russia. Here's what current and former members say they're up against.

US Air Force opens new F-16 production line for foreign military sales

Special Operators Deploying to U.S. Tech Hubs

SOCOM Likely To Boost Cyber, EW

Aerospace & Defense Roundup: May. 18

The debate on the ICBM fleet just got a whole lot easier

California’s Vandenberg Becomes Third Space Force Base

Atlas 5 rocket launches infrared missile detection satellite for U.S. Space Force

Lockheed Martin's SBIRS missile warning satellite now under U.S. Space Force control

A rocket launcher that doubles up as a cargo delivery drone?

US Army orders KrAZ 4x4 heavy duty vehicles

Army Tries Out Humvee-Mounted Howitzer

Good News—The U.S. Army’s New Tank Works In The Cold. Bad News—It’s Too Heavy.

The U.S. Army Is Planning for a Future Without Its Best Battle Tank

These five firms could build a new armed overwatch plane for US Air Force special operators

U.S. Marines complete the longest convoy in recent history

What can we expect from the B-21 Raider?

New air-to-air images of F-15EX

US Navy completes AARGM-ER STV flight on F/A-18 Super Hornet

JPALS landing system reaches initial operational capability

Littoral Combat Ship: The U.S. Navy’s Biggest Warship Failure Ever?

Don’t Miss the Boat on High-Power Microwave Defense

Report to Congress on Columbia-class Ballistic Missile Submarine Program

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