Af/Pak & Other News (3/28/2012)

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Mar 28, 2012, 12:20:26 PM3/28/12
Officials: US and Pakistan spy chiefs bargain over future of CIA drone

Taliban targets pro-NATO Pakistani MPs:

Afghanistan War Is Now More Unpopular Than Iraq War:

Leaked letter reveals Indian army weaknesses:

Israel says sabotage may stretch Iran nuclear timeline:

Iran And The Azeri Problem:

It was Azerbaijan that bought a Green Pine radar last year:

Syria forces 'storm rebel town despite peace pledge':

Report: Syria is torturing children, UN human rights chief says:

Gunmen kidnap Saudi diplomat in Yemen:

Pentagon Plans Major Funding Boost for Israel’s Iron Dome:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Israeli air force to phase out piloted take-offs for UAS:

Militia clashes in southern Libya kill 50:

New air strikes on South as Sudan quits summit:

A New Indian Ocean Global Hawk Base?:

Britain, Argentina clash over "nuclear sub" comment:

How the RAF drew up plans to attack Argentina over the Falklands in

China Does Nothing to Stop Counterfeit Defense Parts; Findings 'Should
Outrage Every American':

China’s Anti Access Future is Here:

Poland's ex-intelligence chief charged over alleged links to secret
C.I.A. 'black site' prison:

French 'Big Bang' scientist on trial for alleged terror plot:

DEA: Wannabe Cartel Hit Squad Included Former U.S. Soldiers:

Gaming plays important role in Army training:

JLTV shakeup reinserts Ford into truck competition:

Cost control worries USAF on new bomber and tanker:

FBI Taught Agents They Could ‘Bend or Suspend the Law’:

Mar 28, 2012, 12:55:09 PM3/28/12

"The attack of two flights of two Vulcans would be launched
from Ascension Island, the mid-Atlantic British possession,
which was 1,000 miles closer to the Argentine mainland air
bases than the Falklands.

After mid-air refuelling the No 44 Squadron bombers would
drop to 300ft above the surface to begin their final run-in using
just their terrain following radar and flying skills to skim over
the Argentine landmass in complete darkness.

The aircraft would have been equipped for the first time with
Sidewinder air-to-air missiles in case of attack by Argentine
fighters, although the enemy air force rarely flew at night.

As well as a Dash-10 radar jamming pod the first Vulcan would
four AGM-45 Shrikes anti-radar missiles to knock out the
Argentine surface-to-air missile systems.

But it was the second bomber that would carry out a devastating
attack aimed to wipe out the Argentine air force's ability to
launch attacks.

Carrying a substantial load of 21 bombs each weighing 1,000lbs,
equivalent to the bomb payload of five Tornados recently used
in Libya, the plane would fly straight down the runway releasing
its ordnance attached to small parachutes. If the attack was
successful the runway would be pockmarked by craters and
burning fighter jets."

Hmm, AIM-9L-equipped Vulcans vs. Argentine Mirages in a
night fignt. I wonder how *that* would've turned out?.
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