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Af/Pak & Other News (7/23/2021)

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Jul 23, 2021, 12:51:58 PM7/23/21
Taliban in Strongest Position Since 2001 as Troops Leave Afghanistan, CIA Director Says

To reach a peace deal, Taliban say Afghan president must go

Jack Keane warns of 'huge problem' in Afghanistan as US withdraws troops

In a city besieged by the Taliban, Afghan military advances disappear with forces stretched thin

Taliban Claim Of Controlling 90% Of Afghan Border Is ‘Absolute Lie’: Govt

As Taliban advances, Afghan military overhauls war strategy

US strikes Taliban and captured equipment in support of Afghan forces

House approves bill to boost number of visas for Afghan interpreters

What Russia, China, Iran Want in Afghanistan When U.S. Troops Leave

Pak drone with ‘almost ready to be used’ 5kg IED shot down near Jammu

Indian Navy holds drills with UK Carrier Strike Group

INS Tabar seen with new combat system upgrades

Russia Formally Offers 21 MiG-29 Aircraft to India

U.S., Iraqi officials to announce U.S. military shift to advisory role in Iraq by year’s end

Oil slick after tanker sinks off Yemen: port official

Turkey's Kargu Drone Bags First Export Customer

Syria: Old Rules Quietly Revived

First appearance of the Egyptian Navy's AW149 helicopters

‘Regular Russian troops stationed in Libya’

Nigeria Receives its First Batch of A-29 Super Tucano Aircraft

Nigeria: Arab Made LSTs

US special operators and their allies say taking on Russia and China in Africa requires 'strange bedfellows'

Russia moves equipment away from training ground near Ukrainian border

Russia Replaces Dollars with Rubles, Local Currency in Defense Deals

Who’s Going To Pay for Russia’s Checkmate Stealth Fighter? Probably Not Russia.

(Much) more information on the new Sukhoi Su-75!

Let’s Have A Look At All The Latest Claims About ‘Checkmate’, Russia’s New Light Tactical Fighter

Podcast: Sizing Up Russia’s New Light Fighter

MAKS debuts for latest versions of Russian attack helicopters

New Russian Stealth Jet Could 'Checkmate' Chinese FC-31 in International Market: Chinese Media

Russia to Conduct Mock Air Raids Near Afghanistan Border, Says No Real Strikes Planned

Russia disconnected itself from the rest of the internet, a test of its new defense from cyber warfare, report says

Dassault pitches Falcon 10X for future French maritime patrol need

Rafale F4 fighter jet pilots to wear augmented reality helmets

Most of the Royal Navy’s destroyers are unavailable for deployment

Manufacturer of ‘Troubled’ UK Tank Aware of Issues Back in 2010

Royal Marines test new MRZR-D4 lightweight off-roaders for raiding missions

U.S. Weighs Deploying Balloons To Provide Internet Access To Cubans During Crackdown

Bolsonaro once said he’d stage a military takeover. Now Brazilians fear he could be laying the ground for one.

Dignitaries rush to cover as protests flare at Haiti president's funeral

What China’s Vast New Cybersecurity Center Tells Us About Beijing’s Ambitions

China's new software policy weaponizes cybersecurity research

China orders the military to forge stronger ties with the public

Target: Taichung. This Port In Taiwan Could Be China’s Main Target.

North Korean defectors forced to pay more in bribes, research says

Vietnamese Naval Ships arrive in Vladivostok for Russian Navy Day

UAP Task Force Initiated Contact with NASA To Brief Them on UFOs; But They Won’t Say Why

Pentagon has clear '23-minute footage of UFOs moving in formation', ex-insider claims

Ex-airman: Guilt over drone strikes prompted to leak secrets

Proposed ‘Hack-Back’ Bill Tells DHS To Study Allowing Companies To Retaliate

Lawmakers want Pentagon to map supply chain risks, cut China products

SOCOM Members Got an All-Star Crash Course in AI

Watch This C-17 Make A Bonkers "Tactical Departure" From Portland International Airport

US Playing Long Game To Pressure China On Cyber Ops: Experts

First Upgraded W88/Mk5 Nuclear Warheads Completed After 18 Month Delay

Sierra Nevada Demos MC-145B Coyote STOL Aircraft at Eglin AFB

SB>1 Defiant Flexes Its Muscles by lifting a 5,300-pound Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System training load

SOCOM Wants Four ‘Armed Overwatch’ Squadrons, With One Always Deployed

US Army National Guard to get first UH-60Vs this month

U.S.A.F. Orders Puma 3 AE Drones from AeroVironment

Prepare Now for War in the Pacific

Navy wants to see big uptick in Zumwalt-class destroyer operations over the next year

Navy's Newest Ships Finding Work as Testbeds

Fielding LCS Minehunting Mission Package Now A ‘Key Priority’

Is the U.S. Navy’s Railgun Dream Really Dead?

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