Af/Pak & Other News (7/12/2012)

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Jul 12, 2012, 12:28:28 PM7/12/12
Afghan civil war unlikely, US says:

Militants take villagers hostage in Pakistan:

Nine Pakistan police killed in attack claimed by Taliban:

U.S. Has No Idea Who’s a Taliban ‘Leader,’ Still Boasts About Killing

Hey Kids, Want To Play A Game?:

Iran's Ballistic Missiles Improving, Pentagon Finds:

Floating base gives US new footing in Persian Gulf:

Russia vows to keep supplying arms to Syria:

Defecting Syrian ambassador in Qatar: Iraqi minister:

Troops storm Syria village, 38 killed nationwide:

Syrian Forces Using Soviet-Made Cluster Bombs on Rebels: Report:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Turkey says no traces of explosives on downed fighter:

Russia, Kazakhstan to Combine Air Defense:

UK businessman charged with fraud over bomb detectors sold to Iraq:

MBDA Missile Could Counter Swarm Boats:

MBDA’s Meteor Firings Conclude with Lethal Display:

Cambodian troops "fire at passenger jet":

China, Japan in new spat over disputed islands:

J-15 Jets On Deck As Carrier Sets Off On Longest Sea Trials:

How to Fly the U.S.’ Trillion-Dollar Stealth Fighter Jet:

FARNBOROUGH: Virgin Galactic takes wraps off LauncherOne:

Laser Powers Lockheed Martin's Stalker UAS for 48 Hours:

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