Af/Pak & Other News (7/14/2021)

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Jul 14, 2021, 1:58:10 PM7/14/21
‘The consequences are going to be unbelievably bad’: Bush slams Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal

Taliban advances in Afghanistan as U.S. withdrawal 95% complete

Afghanistan: Taliban flag raised above border crossing with Pakistan

Britain will work with Taliban if it becomes Afghanistan government, defence secretary says

Taliban Threaten Turkish Troops with ‘Jihad’ if They Stay in Afghanistan

Fear and Misery in an Afghan City Where Taliban Stalk the Streets

Hit And Run: Afghan Special Forces Battle Elusive Taliban

The Biden administration says it’ll start evacuating Afghan interpreters by the end of July

Pakistan Slams the Door on Afghan Refugees

Indian Army refutes media reports claiming Chinese troops clashing with India in Eastern Ladakh

Drone Spotted Again in Jammu, 'Returns to Pakistan' as BSF Begins Firing

Indian Firm Develops Counter-Drone Shield to Secure Border

Iranian intelligence agents plotted brazen abduction of Brooklyn dissident journalist, U.S. prosecutors say

Iranian Hackers Pose as UK Scholars to Target Experts

US-led coalition discusses challenges in Iraq and Syria

Officials: 320 fighters killed in battle in central Yemen

Turkish Army Receives New Gen Electronic Warfare System

Azerbaijan, Pakistan And Qatar Emiri Air Force Combat Aircraft Stole The Scene At Anatolian Eagle 2021 in Turkey

In first, US court rules Syria, Iran, IRGC, banks liable for Hamas attack

US building combined joint ops centre in Israel

15 years on, IDF girds for a potentially devastating war against Hezbollah

Cryptocurrency intended for Hamas seized by Israel

IDF: Hezbollah storing weapons 25 meters from a school

Aeronautics Group displays maritime Orbiter 4 UAS

Rafael’s combat-proven Drone Dome system

UAE becomes first Gulf state to inaugurate embassy in Israel

IDF drone falls in West Bank during clashes

Somalia: Election Miracle

Ethiopia, Russia signs military cooperation agreement

Retired Ukraine police attempt to storm parliament

Zelenskiy Trolls Putin After Russian President Publishes Article On Ukraine

Information Warfare Looms Larger in Russia’s New Security Strategy

Siberia wildfires: Russia army planes and thousands of firefighters battle blazes

First comments on new single-engine Russian fighter

Russia Holds Tajikistan Drills Amid Taliban Offensive

Russia’s most aggressive ransomware group disappeared. It’s unclear who made that happen.

Poland to Buy 250 US Abrams Tanks

Polish Air Force F-16s About to Deploy To Iceland For the First Time

Bosnia intelligence chief detained in money laundering probe

Romanian F-16 fighter jet loses fuel tank during training flight

Franco-Spanish raid busts criminals using souped-up drone to transport drugs

Italy and UK to Refurbish 1,000 Aster Missiles

RAF to expand swarming drone capabilities

Carrier Strike Group suffering COVID-19 outbreak

Destroyer sidelined from UK Carrier Strike Group deployment due to ‘technical issues’

RAF eyeing electric trainer as carbon-reduction campaign powers up

U.K. Bolstering Defense Budget

Two decades after 9/11, British spies turn focus back to Russia and China

Colombia receives first T-6C Texan II trainer aircraft

China operating military aircraft from bases in the South China Sea, construction begins on first small modular reactor

Gigantic Hangar Near Secretive Chinese Test Facilities Points To Exotic Airship Development

China Cautiously Eyes New Regional Leadership Role As Afghanistan Fighting Intensifies

China Building Hypersonic Jet to Ferry Passengers Around Globe and to Space

US Navy keeps closer watch on China submarines, Beijing think tank says

Japan’s new defense whitepaper issues warnings over Taiwan’s security, climate change

Australia and the U.S. kicks off Talisman Sabre 21

Australia ‘wary’ of Chinese spy ship as it hosts military drills with US, Japan, others

Canada launches program to replace its ageing submarine fleet

Intelligence: Lost In Translators

Report: 'Woke' Navy brass not focusing on fighting, winning wars

USS Thresher’s Crew May Have Survived Many Hours After Its Disappearance According To New Docs

US Air Force tests embedding software coders with industry

Northrop Grumman Breaks Ground on New Hypersonics Facility

U.S. Announces Program to Extract Rare Earth Elements from Domestic Sources

Check Out This F-15E Strike Eagle Spewing Sparks After Takeoff

Hawaii missile defense system gets $75M from House Appropriations Committee in FY 2022

US Trials Nano Satellites for Missile Defense

Report Urges U.S. Space Force to Begin Preparing for Space Military Action

Report to Congress on Hypersonic Weapons

AFRL Considers System Design Agent For Mayhem Cruiser

First Improved W88 Nuclear Warhead For Navy's Trident Missiles Rolls Off The Assembly Line

The Army Is Flirting Hard With Electric Vehicles, But Isn't Quite Ready to Commit

U.S. Army Give First Glimpse Of New Long-Range Weapon

Undersea Red: Captain Eric Sager on the Submarine Force’s New Aggressor Squadron

SCO, Navy Eye More Unmanned Overlord Demonstrations

Two More ‘Ghost Fleet’ Unmanned Test Ships to Join Fleet Next Year

These Subtle P-8s Are The U.S. Navy’s Most Secretive Spy Planes

US Navy, Pentagon to test large unmanned ships as program winds down

Teledyne Brown to build and upgrade undersea glider UUVs to gather data for anti-submarine warfare (ASW)

Here's Our Best Look Yet At The Navy's New Laser Dazzler System

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