Af/Pak & Other News (8/16/2021)

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Aug 16, 2021, 12:45:58 PMAug 16
Biden to address the nation on Afghanistan crisis as the Taliban seizes power

Apache Helicopters Chase Afghans Swarming A C-17 On Kabul Airport's Runway

Video shows Afghans clinging to outside of US military plane as it takes off

Kabul airport: footage appears to show Afghans falling from plane after takeoff

IAF C-17 Globemaster lands in Kabul to airlift stranded Indian nationals, officials

‘Some people won’t get back’: Britain’s defense secretary breaks down over those left behind in Afghanistan

An Iconic Bridge Sees U.S. Allies Flee Afghanistan as the Soviets Did

Afghanistan Falls In Days

Rapid Taliban Offensive Avoided Tactical Mistake Made in the 1990s

Profits and poppy: Afghanistan's illegal drug trade a boon for Taliban

Afghan Military Plane Crashes Near Border with Uzbekistan

Tashkent Says It Shot Down Afghan Air Force Jet Over Uzbek Airspace

16 military aircraft were flown yesterday out of Afghanistan into southern Tajikistan as the Afghan air force scrambled to ensure they did not fall into Taliban hands - Eurasianet source

Afghanistan's winners: Qatar, Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran

Afghanistan’s neighbors watch warily as Taliban completes its dramatic takeover

Germany: Afghanistan is NATO's biggest 'fiasco'

NATO is Dead Man Walking After Afghanistan Debacle

Russia Is Already Cozying Up to the Taliban as Kabul Spirals

‘Incompetent’ Biden slammed for ‘OUTING CIA agents’ in Afghanistan situation room pic ‘showing agent’s faces’

Afghanistan conflict: As Kabul falls, Biden backlash grows

For many U.S. veterans, fall of Afghanistan to Taliban stirs confusion, disappointment and anger

Afghanistan and Vietnam are different, but Washington's lies are the same

Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis: Ashraf Ghani Likely to Head to US After Being Denied Landing in Tajikistan, Claim Reports

Not Just Taliban, Pak Too is Back in Ruling Corridors of Afghanistan as Ghani Makes Quiet Exit Amid Crisis

Anti-Pakistan protests erupt across world for its role in aiding Taliban

Why didn't they fight? Speed of Afghan collapse surprised even the Taliban

Critical Afghanistan Assessment

The Painful Lessons of Afghanistan

UN urges world to accept refugees, refrain from deportations

Can the Taliban Really Govern Afghanistan?

After the fall of Kabul, what’s next for Afghanistan?

Afghanistan Heads for Full-Scale Civil War: U.K.'s Ellwood

Israel’s shadow war with Iran

Israeli army says drone falls in Syria

Russia Catches Up On The Cheap

Russia’s Battle for the Black Sea

Cyprus intends to sell its Mi-35s to Serbia, buy new attack helicopters

China sent its fighter jets to Russia

Ex-detainee says China operates secret Dubai detention site used to jail Uighurs

Keeping Order In The Colonies

3 Reasons China Won’t Invade Taiwan—And 1 Reason Why It Will

Malaysia flexes missile capabilities of submarine, Kasturi-class corvettes in South China Sea

U.S., South Korea begin Command Post Exercises after North Korea warning

South Korea's Sea Sword 3 USV Completes Tests

Japan proposes air-launched Type 12 missile for F-2 fighters

Interactive US map shows nearly 10,000 drone, UFO encounter incident reports

The Pentagon Needs a Strategy That Does Not Hinge on Fragile Networks

US Air Force contracts Red 6 for AR system

The F-15N Sea Eagle: in the 1970s McDonnel Douglas proposed a navalized version of the F-15 Eagle but it was never up to the F-14 Tomcat

Bell seeks to plug range gap with in-flight charging for electric aircraft

What a layered missile defense system would look like in Action

The U.S. Marine Corps’ Deep-Strike Stealth Fighters Will Fly Into Battle Without A Lot Of Missiles

How the U.S. Navy SEALs Are Getting Ready for War Against Russia or China

A Navy Surface Action Group Sure Isn't What It Used to Be

Navy displays ‘air wing of the future’ on upgraded carrier off Hawaii

With A Sight, Sound And Radar Picture, Saildrone Could Build An AI Database Of Everything In The Ocean

Raytheon to devise ways of ballistic missile submarine protection using technologies like signature modeling

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