Af/Pak & Other News (10/13/2021)

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Oct 13, 2021, 1:38:34 PM10/13/21
Inside the gargantuan civilian effort to get remaining Americans out of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan

How Corruption Played a Role in the Demise of the Afghan Government

Afghanistan Winter, ISIS-K Threaten to Collapse Taliban's False Peace

Iran Quietly Pushes to Reopen Saudi Missions as Talks Inch Ahead

Iran claims success for new 'Iranian Iron Dome' air defense system - analysis

Iran arrests 10 it says spied for foreign intel agencies

Yemen: Saudi naval forces intercept two waterborne bombs in the Red Sea Oct. 13

A rusting oil tanker off Yemen’s coast is at risk of exploding. It could cut off humanitarian aid to millions.

More than 100 Yemen rebels killed south of Marib: coalition

After attacks in Syria, what is Turkey’s military plan?

Syria's Bashar al-Assad Returns to World Stage in Defeat for US, Win for its Foes

Training plane crashes off Lebanon, search ongoing for two people

Mike Pompeo: Israel might need to attack Iran due to US 'appeasement'

The killing of a terrorist behind the death of 4 US troops sheds light on France's quiet but intense fight in Africa

Sudan reports crackdown on suspected Islamic State cells in Khartoum

Fresh Fighting in Ethiopia’s Afar as Army Mounts ‘Offensive’

Russia Says Taiwan is Part of China as Two Powers Further Align Against U.S.

Russian space movie crew plans return to Earth on Saturday

Serbian Military Technical Institute unveils Milos-L UGV at Partner 2021

Shots Fired On Polish-Belarus Border As Illegal Intrusions Rise To Historically High Levels

UK sub accused of sinking French trawler was 'docked' on day of tragedy, captain says

Mexico's war on cartels has created 400 new gangs that are taking on the police and cartels that are left

With all eyes on Taiwan, tensions are building on another Chinese frontier: India

China: The Last Emperor Confronts Interesting Times

China’s Military Holds Beach Landing Drills About 100 Miles From Taiwan

Can Joe Biden Legally Defend Taiwan From a Chinese Attack?

This Is Our Best Look Yet At North Korea's Hypersonic Missile

Mystery Missile Could Point To Change In North Korea's Submarine Strategy

Persistent threat from North Korea drives RoKAF modernisation

Uncrewed aircraft to feature strongly in Seoul

KF-21 Boramae to take centre-stage

Japan’s New Missile-Defense Ships Are Getting Weird

Australia: The Whiskey Project unveils multi mission reconnaissance craft

Kansas City remains top location for UFO sightings according to group

Skinwalkers at the Pentagon

Maryland Couple Accused of Selling Submarine Secrets Appear in Court

The NYPD Is Using Drones the U.S. Government Claims Threaten National Security

‘Havana Syndrome’ mystery expands with new cases at U.S. Embassy in Colombia

Pentagon Denies Chinese Accusation of Cover-Up in Nuclear Attack Submarine Crash

Biden Left Russia Out of Ransomware Meet. Can’t Imagine Why.

Navy Recovers Helicopter, 5 Sailors Killed in Crash that Prompted Pause in Flight Operations

The Biggest Lesson from the Army’s Connect-Everything Experiment

Why did the F-14 Tomcat retire decades before its peers?

Sikorsky-Boeing team to squeeze a bit more speed from SB-1 Defiant

Bell unveils upgraded version of its stealth helicopter at AUSA

Robot Dogs Now Have Assault Rifles Mounted On Their Backs

Blue Origin launches William Shatner, TV's Captain Kirk, into space and back

Space: Satellite Dispensers

Pentagon says hypersonic weapons are too expensive

US Army puts Stryker’s new 30mm cannon to the test

Vibration issues nix US Army’s plans for CH-47F Block II advanced rotors

US Army to Develop Cap That Can Improve Soldiers’ Sleep

The US Army Is About To Launch Its New Missile At ‘Max’ Range

Fast-flying FARA to clear path on battlefield for slower AH-64 Apache

US Army Trials BAE Systems’ 155mm ARCHER Wheeled Howitzer

Here’s where the Marine Corps is headed as it shifts away from Afghanistan and the ‘old wars’

US Air Force awards Exosonic contract for supersonic UAV concept with adversary air mission potential

US Air Force is looking for over 100 Advanced Tactical Trainer aircraft

The U.S. Navy Killed Its Railgun Plans for Lasers and Hypersonic Missiles

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